Steps to Graduation

Contact Admissions & Records

Southern & Dobson Campus

Building: 39
P: 480-461-7600   F: 480-844-3117

Red Mountain Campus

Building: RDM-M
P: 480-654-7600   F: 480-654-7379


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Thu: 8 am – 6 pm
Fri: 10 am – 5 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 8 am – 6 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun


The big day is drawing near. Applying for graduation is REQUIRED to be awarded your degree or certificate. Please follow the below steps to complete the application process.

Participation in the spring commencement ceremony is optional. If you are participating in the ceremony a cap and gown is required. There is no fee to apply for a certificate/degree.

Graduation Application Deadlines:

  • Spring Graduation (including Winter Intersession)
    • March 1
  • Summer Graduation
    • June 1
  • Fall Graduation
    • November 1

*Applications submitted after a semester’s respective deadline will not be processed until the next semester.

Step 1 – Verify Your Academic Records are Complete and Correct

Step 2 – Request A Graduation Review

  • Download and complete the Graduation Application review
    • Complete everything EXCEPT ‘Advisor Signature’
  • Email the completed Graduation Application review to the Academic Advising Team
    • Email Address:
    • Subject: Graduation Review
    • Attach: Completed Graduation Application review
    • Email Body: Any pertinent information not provided on the application
  • Academic Advisors Will Review Your Graduation Application
    • Advisor review can take up to 10 BUSINESS DAYS
    • When completed, you will receive an advisor signed Graduation Application via reply email

Step 3 - Submit Your Graduation Application

What Happens Next?

  • MCC Will Review Your Graduation Application
    • You will be contacted directly if there is an issue or problem with your graduation application
  • After Final Semester Grades Post, MCC Will Verify Your Graduation Eligibility
    • Applicants who have COMPLETED all degree requirements will be awarded and mailed their degree within 60 calendar days
    • Applicants who have NOT COMPLETED all degree requirements will need to continue enrollment and re-apply for graduation in a future semester

Celebrate Your Graduation!

  • Plan to Attend the Graduation Commencement Event
    • Commencement is held in May and celebrates all students who graduated in the prior academic year
    • Participation in the Commencement Event is OPTIONAL
  • Purchase Your Graduation Regalia if attending commencement
    • A cap and gown are required to participate in the ceremony. To purchase regalia click here.
      • Regalia fees:
        • Cap/gown/tassel package $13.00
        • Tassel only with year/date pendent $1.65
        • A year date pendent only $0.40
        • Extra diploma cover $15
  • MCC will provide a complimentary diploma cover and applicable honors cords if you are participating in the event.