Transfer Myths

Interested in transferring? Take a quick peak at some of these transferring misconceptions. Transferring is easy, and we are here to help. If your question isn’t answered here, contact an advisor.

Myth: I am going to transfer, so what I do now doesn't matter. I can fail out of this school and still get into another school.

Your grades always matter. Most schools require a minimum GPA as part of the transfer admission process, and most schools will not accept credits with grades less than a C.

Myth: My financial aid goes with me wherever I go.

It depends on what kind of financial aid you have. Merit based scholarships usually do not transfer, but student loans usually do. If financial aid plays a role in your ability to transfer, talk with your transfer specialist to find out about any unique scholarships that you may qualify for or visit our scholarships page for additional monetary assistance.

Myth: If I transfer, it will take forever to graduate.

With the right planning and assistance, you can graduate in the same amount of time as someone who started at a university. Our university partnerships were created to make transferring easy. To make sure you stay on track, consult the AZ Transfer website and visit your transfer specialist frequently.

Myth: Community college credits are not accepted at universities.

Most community college credits are designed to transfer to colleges and universities. However, transferability and applicability are two different things. A university may accept your credits, but if some courses are not applicable to your degree program, they may be transferred as elective credits. To make sure the classes you take at MCC transfer into your degree program, consult the Course Equivalency Guide and speak with a transfer specialist.

Myth: There is no reason to take classes that are not required to transfer.

Yes and no. Most transfer students want to finish their degree as quickly as possible — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason to take classes that may not be part of your major requirements. Sometimes it is good to take a class (or two, or three!) just to help you narrow your interests, decide on a career path, enrich your personal life, or increase your work skills. As a bonus, they just might count as elective credit toward your degree.

Myth: If I transfer, I'll feel like an outsider.

You are not alone! Transferring to a new school may seem daunting, but there are many students who transfer. 44% of students at MCC plan to transfer their credits to a 4-year school! Make sure to attend student orientation, join groups and clubs on campus, and find any transfer support groups on campus.

Myth: I can transfer whenever I want.

Yes. You can transfer credits whenever you want, but if you are interested in getting a bachelor’s degree, it is most cost-effective to earn as many credits as you can at MCC before transferring.

Myth: To transfer, all I need is an application.

No. Each college and university has different entrance requirements. Depending on your major, you may have additional entrance requirements specific to that major. Talk to a transfer specialist to learn what you need to apply.

Myth: Every college is the same, so it doesn't really matter where I transfer.

Each of our 40 partner institutions is different. Location, price, available majors, and offered scholarships are some of the considerations that may narrow down which school is the best fit for you. To better select which college or university may be the best for you- compare each college with this College Board tool.

Adapted with permission from The University of Texas at El Paso.