Cost of Attendance

For International Students at MCC

The following is an approximation of the total costs of attending MCC per school year (two semesters, approximately 10 months) as an international student. It is based on estimates and they are subject to change. Changes may occur without notification. We suggest having more than the estimated amount to have sufficient leeway in case a change occurs.

Keep in mind that the following applies only to the student. If the student will be bringing any dependents, the costs will rise ($5,000 for the first dependent and $2,500 for each extra dependent).

Out-of-State Tuition and Fees

Most of the costs will go towards tuition. These costs reflect the normal load of 24 credits per school year (12 per semester) that international students are required to take. The normal school year lasts a total of 10 months, so this estimate does not include summer (which is optional). For summer sessions and the costs per credit, see MCC's tuition rates.

Categories Estimate
Other Fees $187
Out-of-State Tuition $8,928
Total $9,115
Out-of-State Tuition Rates
In person & hybrid (combination of in person & online) $372 per credit hour

Living Expenses

If you are staying with a family member or a friend this cost estimate will change. Make sure that you fill out and sign the Room and Board Agreement during the application process. Mesa Community College does not provide housing. For more information regarding housing options near MCC, download our list of housing resources.

CatEGORY Off Campus Staying with Family Member or Friend*
Housing & living Expenses (10 months) $17,200 $0

Textbook, Supplies, and Health Insurance

Every international student must have health insurance. For more information on the insurance that is provided to international students at MCC, you can follow this link.

Categories Estimate
TEXTBooks & Supplies $1,104
Health Insurance $2,800
Total $3,904

Summary and Totals

Categories Off Campus Staying with a Family Member or Friend*
Out of State Tuition and Fees $9,115 $9,115
Housing & Living Expenses $17,200 $0
Textbook, Supplies, and Health Insurance $3,904 $3,904
Total $30,219 $13,019

Please note: evidence of sufficient liquidity to cover the above costs is required to be admitted at MCC. For more information please visit our Apply from Abroad page.

*If you will be staying with a friend or a family member, we are assuming that most personal expenses as well as transportation will also be covered by them. If only housing is provided, please consult MCC's Cost of Attendance page for detailed expenses.

Other Resources

Although Mesa Community College does not offer scholarships specifically for international students, several departments offer scholarships for which international students can apply. For information on these scholarships you can check out this document. Also, be sure to check out our Scholarships and Loans page for information on these scholarships as well as scholarships offered by third-party organizations.

Tuition Payment

In order to register for classes students will need to pay for their tuition. MCC offers several payment methods for tuition:

  • A student can pay online using debit or credit cards.
  • They can pay in person at the Cashier's Office at our Southern & Dobson campus or at Enrollment Services at Red Mountain.
  • They can also set up a Student Tuition Payment Plan where the student will be able to pay for their classes in several installments.
  • Tuition is due the day student enrolls for classes (either by paying in full or setting up a payment plan).

For more information and other payment methods please visit our Payment Options page.


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