Steps to Graduation for F-1 Students

All MCC students wanting to graduate will need to complete the necessary steps in order to receive their diploma from MCC. As an F-1 student you will also need to notify the International Office.

The following link contains the steps all MCC students need to take.

Steps for international students

Besides the steps mentioned above, international students will need to follow a few extra steps. Below, the process for international students is outlined.

  1. Pre-requisites

    Request that your advisor fill out and sign your degree check sheet.

  2. Fill out the graduation application

    Obtain a copy of the graduation application from Admissions and Records.

    Fill out the application and make a copy of it once it has been filled out. You will need to take the original application to Admissions and Records.

    If you are planning on participating in the ceremony, pay the fee and keep the receipt.

  3. Turn in the copies at our front desk

    Turn in the signed and completed copy of the graduation application to our office.

  4. (If applicable) Complete the Reduced Course Load application

    If you need to take less than a full load you will also need to let us know or else your status will be dropped.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you are planning on transferring, make sure that you have followed the necessary procedures before the semester ends.
  • If you are planning on doing your OPT, it is recommended that you begin the process two months before your semester ends
  • Make sure you don’t have a balance due before you graduate: either make sure that you have a payment plan set up or that you have paid for all the rest of your classes.
  • Join the MCC International Alumni