Student Employment

The International Education Office offers a variety of support services for students and scholars. If you need assistance at anytime, please contact the International Education Office at 480-461-7756 or email at

On-Campus Employment Guidelines for F-1 Students


If your I-20 was issued by MCC and you are currently maintaining your F-1 status, you are eligible to work part-time (19.5 hours per week or less) at MCC.
Contact the Academic offices/departments and ask if they have “budget jobs” available.  You do not qualify for “Work Study.” The list is to provide you with the potential employment locations on campus.   Note that personal visits seem to work more effectively than a phone inquiry.

Ask the following questions:

  • Type of work and qualifications needed
  • Work hours
  • Application process
  • Fill out an application form, if any.
  • Ask if any additional information is required.
  • Apply for a Social Security Number if you do not have one yet.

You must have an on-campus job secured in order to apply for a Social Security Number.

  • Bring your I-20 and passport to the International Education Office.
  • Pick up a letter of On-Campus Employment Verification.  Ask the supervisor of your employment location to sign it and bring it back to IE.
  • Visit the Social Security Administration Office with the following documents:
    • Two forms of photo ID such as your driver’s license and passport
    • The letter from International Education
    • The letter from your employment location
    • Off-Campus Employment Guidelines: Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Off Campus Work

All F-1 students are eligible to apply for authorization to work off campus once they have been in the USA for 9 consecutive months and have maintained their status.

Off Campus Options:
There are options for off campus employment as an F-1 student. These options include: Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Post and Pre Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Severe Economic Hardship.
CPT-Curricular Practical Training (Internships)
Students may work in his or her field of study while completing their major requirements if MCC offers an internship in their major. More information on MCC internships can be found here
OPT-Optional Practical Training

Post-Completion OPT:

Post-Completion Optional Practical Training, or more commonly, “OPT”, is off-campus work authorization in your field of study after you have graduated from MCC with your Associate's Degree. If granted by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) the authorization is for 12 months and 40 hours per week (full time).
Severe Economic Hardship:
Severe Economic Hardship is employment authorization granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to an F-1 visa holder who has suffered severe economic hardship due to unexpected problems. To learn more, please see an advisor at International Education.