Consortium Agreements

Consortium Agreement Information

Federal regulations allow students to receive financial aid from only one school per enrollment period.

A Consortium Agreement may allow you to have your classes (credits) from a Host School be considered part of your total enrollment for financial aid at your Home School. Your Home School is where you will be receiving financial aid. The participating school is considered the Host School.

If both the home school and host school are Maricopa Colleges, do the following to submit a consortium agreement:


Submission Deadline

Fall 2023 August 28, 2023
Spring 2024 January 22, 2024
Summer 2024 May 30, 2024

If the Home school is not a Maricopa College and MCC is the Host school, obtain a consortium agreement form from your home school, complete the student section, and submit the form to the MCC Financial Aid via email or Secure Document Upload.

Financial Aid Considerations:

  • Loans require a minimum enrollment of 6 credit hours at the home school
  • Pell grant consideration requires enrollment of 1 credit at the home school.
  • Courses taken must apply to your program/degree plan.

Terms of Agreement:

  • Course start and end dates at the Host School cannot overlap with other semesters at the home school, (E.g. a spring semester course that starts within the spring semester but ends within the summer term).
  • The consortium agreement is valid for the courses that are listed on the form and taken at the Host School, and which pertain to your program of study at the Home School. Any changes will require a new agreement to be submitted.
  • You must be enrolled in the courses(s) listed on the form.
  • You must be enrolled at the HOME school before submitting this form.
  • You must maintain the level of enrollment for which you are funded at both the 'Home School' and the 'Host School' to maintain financial aid eligibility. Notify the HOME School if there are changes to your enrollment.
  • The courses taken will be subject to MCCCD Financial Aid Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • You will be funded by the Home School and will be subject to their disbursement dates. All financial aid records will be maintained by the Home School.
  • Eligibility for aid will be based on financial aid-eligible courses approved at both the 'Home School' and the 'Host School' per the instructions above.
  • A courtesy hold will be placed at the Host School so you are not dropped from your class(es) at the Host School. It is your responsibility to pay your tuition and fees at the Host School by the hold date we put on your consortium agreement when we process it. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in a debt on your student account, which may prevent access to some services at all MCCCD colleges in the future. For further details, refer to the school's debt and refund policy.


  1. Go to the online Consortium Agreement Form and sign in with your MEID and password
  2. Select your Home School (where you will be receiving financial aid)
  3. Add your Program Plan (your program plan is found on your Student Center under the Admissions section)
  4. Select Host School and add the course information for classes you'll be taking at the Host School(s)
  5. Scroll down to the Certification section and click Next
  6. Follow the instructions to sign your form electronically

Instructions for Consortium Agreements from Non-Maricopa Colleges

  • Complete the student section of your consortium agreement form
  • Email the form to us from your Maricopa Student Email address OR
  • If no form is needed, then send us an email asking for the information you need

We will verify the information, complete the form, and email it to you OR we will reply to your email request once the information is verified.