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MCC's Federal ID number is 001077.

A college education is one of the best investments you can make, but the cost can often put a strain on your financials.  Financial aid exists to help supplement the costs of college so your wish to attend college can be a reality. 

The Financial Aid Process

The Financial Aid process can vary from 2-6 weeks from the time you complete the FAFSA (Free Application to Federal Student Aid) to the time we offer you a financial aid award.  

Certain things, such as being selected for verification or needing to appeal can lengthen the processing time.  Also, students who complete the FAFSA or submit required paperwork close to the start of a new semester will have a longer processing time.  

This is why we strongly urge you to complete the FAFSA early and to submit ALL requested documentation as soon as possible. You can check your financial aid status by logging in at:

Follow the easy Applying for Financial Aid to get started.

You can review the MCCCD administrative regulations governing Student Financial Assistance here.

Student Financial Services Mission

The mission of the Mesa Community College Financial Aid Office is to treat students with respect and remove any financial barriers for students in achieving their higher education goals, while maintaining the integrity and compliance of all federal, state, and MCCCD policies and regulations.