Take Placement Tests

If you do not require placement testing as determined earlier, you can skip this step.

A quick word on placement testing.

For this step, you will need a valid photo ID such as:

  • Current Drivers License
  • State Issued Photo ID
  • Current Passport
  • Military ID with photo
  • Tribal ID with photo
  • Other forms of government issued ID
  • College student ID with photo

Don't forget that we strongly recommend you prepare and study for your placement test.

To find out what time tests are given, click here. The Accuplacer test is untimed; new students should plan to spend two hours on the placement test.

Visit Testing Services at either MCC campus today to take your test.

Keep in mind

  • Placement tests are not pass/fail, so preparing for your test is important!
  • Don’t forget your photo ID
  • This is not an admissions test, it is a way to determine the best English, reading, and math classes for you
  • Study samples are available online here
  • Testing Centers are located at both campuses
  • Testing is done on a walk-in basis
  • It can take up to 24 hours for your test scores to be entered into your academic file
  • The MCCCD Official Course Placement Chart is used to determine what classes a student can register for and what the Placement Test and Retest Policy is for Maricopa Community College District.

Viewing Your Test Scores

After you have completed your placement tests, your results will be available in your Student Center. The video below can help you access your test scores.

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