Course Placement Options

Placement Charts

Placement testing may be required for new students who do not meet the GPA requirement. Test results are used to place new students into appropriate math, English, reading and ESL classes.

College Course Placement Using High School GPA

Students who satisfy the following high school GPA requirements are encouraged to use their overall, unweighted high school GPA instead of ACCUPLACER (including WritePlacer) placement exams. Unofficial transcripts, hand carried, can be used for course placement.

Unweighted GPA’s for students who attended high school within the past ten (10) years, will now be taken into consideration for course placement, as long as the unweighted GPA is 2.6 or higher. Students may be eligible to place directly into college level English, Reading and Math courses without taking the ACCUPLACER exams. Please talk to Testing Center Staff, Enrollment Services Staff or an Academic Advisor for more details.

Course Placement Using ACT/SAT/GED

Students can place into classes by using their ACT/SAT/GED scores. The assessments must have been completed no more than five years ago. Scores can be submitted here.

EdReady Initial Assessment and Additional Learning Modules

EdReady is a testing service providing math and English assessments without the hassle and cost of remedial classes. Whether you are applying for college or already a student, EdReady will allow you to test and improve your skills online. The more time you spend on the modules, the better the course placement. Learn more about EdReady here.

ACCUPLACER Placement Testing

Unweighted High School GPA, less than ten years old, is now the primary method used for course placement.

If the High School GPA (either too old or less than 2.6) cannot be used for course placement, then ACCUPLACER placement tests will be used. Maricopa Colleges currently uses the ‘Next Generation’ version of ACCUPLACER. (WritePlacer, Reading Comprehension Next Generation, Arithmetic Next Generation, Quantitative Reasoning Next Generation and Advanced Algebra Next Generation).

Unweighted High School GPA cannot be used for ‘Reading Exempt’ or any math course higher than MAT187.

Understanding the Retest Policy

You can only have three (3) non-expired test scores in the system within a 5-year time period. For example, if you took a placement test today, you could retest again tomorrow. But for the third test, you would need to wait for at least three months from the first placement test date. Placement test scores are then valid for five years. Placement test scores need to be valid on the first day of class.

New-to-college students should have their MMGPA (High School GPA) entered into their Student Center or plan on taking their ACCUPLACER placement tests prior to meeting with an Academic Advisor. Ask the advisors about our ‘Guided Pathways for Success-GPS’, ‘Fields of Interest’, ‘Career and Technical Certificates and Degrees’ and our ‘University Transfer Programs’. MCC Advisors will help you find the shortest pathway to your educational and career goals.

There is no charge to take a placement test if you are attending the Maricopa Colleges. There is a $25 proctor fee if you are testing for a college outside of the Maricopa District. It is also an option to set up a remote/virtual test voucher for students planning to attend Mesa College but live out of the local area.

Make this request via our department email address: