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Are you ready for our advanced course curriculum? Are you comfortable working in groups and communicating with diverse students and adults? If you demonstrate strong critical thinking skills, communication skills (both oral and written), and are motivated and disciplined in your study habits, our concurrent enrollment programs may be right for you.

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Is Your Child Ready for College?

Frequently Asked Questions for Homeschool Families.

Due Dates & Deadlines

Homeschool students should check the Academic Calendar to stay on track. Fall 2023 classes start Saturday, August 29, 2023.

How Do I Get Enrolled?

Homeschool Students will be required to complete the enrollment process by following these steps:

Step 1- Complete the Online Student Admissions Application to MCC. If you are a returning MCC Student you can skip to Step 4

Step 2- Complete Identity Authentication (requires MEID to login) and Financial Responsibility and Consent for Student Under 18

Step 3- Complete an Ed Ready Reading Placement Exam Online. For assistance, use the How to Use Ed Ready Guide.

Step 4- Complete the MCC Special Admissions/Enrollment Form For Students Under 18.

Step 5- Once you have been enrolled by a staff member (2-3 business days) you will have until the payment deadline noted on your receipt to pay your tuition. Failure to pay by this date may result in your being dropped from the course. All communications will be sent to your MCC Student Email.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tuition for in-state residents at the Maricopa Community Colleges is $97 per credit hour plus a $15 registration fee per semester. For more on tuition and fees click here.

What Faculty Say

Dr. Alex CheroskeDr. Alex Cheroske:

"I'm always impressed with home school students and their drive to learn.
The diversity of experiences enriches student learning for all."
Dr. Alex Cheroske, Biology Professor

Dr. Brian DilleDr. Brian Dille:

"Homeschooling, when done right, teaches a child to be a self-directed learner.
These students are a joy to have in my college class because they question assumptions and help their classmates know how to find answers themselves."
Dr. Brian Dille, Political Science Professor