Hoop of Learning (HOL)

Red4Ed Walkout Impact on Hoop of Learning
Last week Arizona teachers voted to walk out beginning Thursday, April 26.
A short-term walkout could impact the ACE and Hoop of Learning (HOL) summer schedule. MCC is exploring options that may result in an adjustment to the summer class schedule to ensure students meet the required seat time to successfully complete the course by the end of the original end date of June 28th.  We will continue to monitor the situation.and post updates to this web page.  
If you have specific questions, please contact the Early College Office at 480-461-6200, option #1.  

HOOP students at cultural exhibit in New Mexico.HOOP students participate in cultural field trips.

The Maricopa Hoop of Learning (HOL) Program  is a high school to college bridge program specifically tailored to meet the academic and cultural needs of  American Indian students.

The Circle of Life

The basic tenets of the program replicate the indigenous Circle of Life philosophy long practiced by all  American Indian peoples of the North and South Americas.

The Mesa Community College (MCC) Hoop of Learning Program serves high school students from the Tempe and Mesa high school districts.

The Benefits

Students who participate in this great opportunity benefit from a scholarship that covers the following:

Because there is a valued focus on meeting the cultural needs of the high school student, participants benefit from an array of culturally related opportunities including:

  • Cultural Courses
  • Cultural Workshops
  • Field Trips
  • Volunteer and Service Learning

Hoop of Learning Program Goals

  • Increase high school retention and high school graduation rates
  • HOOP students enjoying the shade while listening to park ranger in New Mexico.Come join us on our next adventure! Increase American Indian participation and matriculation rates into college
  • Create the conditions for retaining American Indian students to reach their higher education goals
  • Enhance American Indian culturally relevant curriculum
  • Increase diversity on the college campuses
  • Strengthen external collaboration by establishing and continuing partnerships with American Indian  communities, school districts, and other agencies