Hoop of Learning (HOL)

Hoop students are under 18 and have not graduated from high school.

Interested in Hoop?

Please download the Hoop of Learning Application here or check with your High School.

Applications are due to MCC Outreach Center by Friday, Feburary 14, 2020.

You and your parent or guardian must complete the under 18 consent form and return it in person to MCC.

Bring your completed application and supporting paperwork to the MCC Outreach Center. We are in GC54-B

Contact Hoop of Learning

Call our general phone number:


Southern & Dobson

Office Location: GC 54B

Be Surrounded by a Community of Support!

Get college credits while in High School. We offer support, friendship and help with academic questions and needs. Taking classes through "Hoop" builds your college resume while providing new experiences and connections to other Native students. Come by and see what we're all about.

Tribal Elders share their stories and life lessons through Native Circles (Native Conversations Indigenous to Relations, Culture, Literature, Education and Sovereignty).

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Frequently Asked Questions for Hoop of Learning.

Why should I do this?

Hoop of Learning Students reap these benefits:

  • Earn up to 36 college credits; up to $3,500 in tuition paid for by MCC
  • Attendance begins the summer of your freshman year and continues through your senior year.
  • HOL sessions are held during the summer and on Saturdays during the school year.
  • Attend the Hoop of Learning Summer Institute. This 5-week summer institute focuses on how your culture, history, and oral traditions shape the world we live in today and in the the future.
  • You enroll in the Native American Cultural Pride and Awareness class plus learn film making and other multimedia platforms in the fun and creative MCC New Media Experience Lab.
  • Prepare to earn a degree at MCC and transfer to a university or start your career.
  • HOL classes meet two-year college degree requirements and transfer to national universities including Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona.
  • Enjoy expanded opportunities.
  • Explore fields of interest, perhaps complete requirements toward the American Indian Studies certificate or other goals.
  • Learn how to be successful on a college campus and in life.

All under 18 year old students must enroll in person. You and your parent must both sign the Under 18 Consent Form.

Since you have to come in anyway, we recommend you download and complete the paper forms first and then come in to our office in the GC building, room 54B at Mesa Community College and let us do the work for you.

If you cannot or do not want to complete the forms ahead of time - that's also fine. Just come in with your ID and your proof of legal residency and we will still do all the work for you.

If You Want to Get Started Online Before Your MCC Visit

As a Hoop of Learning student, you can admit yourself to the college, get an MEID (Maricopa Enterprise Identification number), set up your student account, apply to the College, and upload a copy of your picture identification and proof of legal status before you come in to our office in the GC building, room 54B at Mesa Community College. All Hoop of Learning students must complete their registration in person.

The Mesa Community College (MCC) Hoop of Learning Program serves high school students from the Tempe and Mesa Public Schools high school districts.

Hoop of Learning Program Goals

  • Increase high school retention and high school graduation rates
  • Increase American Indian participation and matriculation rates into college
  • Create the conditions for retaining American Indian students to reach their higher education goals
  • Enhance American Indian culturally relevant curriculum
  • Increase diversity on the college campuses
  • Strengthen external collaboration by establishing and continuing partnerships with American Indian communities, school districts, and other agencies