West-MEC High School

As a Dual Enrollment student, you have the opportunity to take college classes at your own high school and graduate from high school with enough credits to be well on your way to earning a college degree. Some high school students earn certificates of completion and/or an associate's degree along with their high school diploma!

Benefits include:

Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education is about doing, creating and innovating. Students in our programs take what they learn and apply it to something tangible, like building robots or extracting DNA. Every program is hands on, and every program gives students the foundational skills to move forward in a career pathway.

  1. Review the dual enrollment schedule to see which courses are offered for college credit this academic year.
  2. Inquire with your West-MEC instructor about opportunities to earn college credit with industry recognized credentials.
  3. Verify any key academic course offerings with the counselor at your sending high school. Credit may also be earned for AP and/or IB exam scores. Visit the Maricopa Colleges National Standardized Exams webpage to learn more.

Welding Technologies

Learn more about the Welding program including certificates, degrees, and career opportunities.

person welding

Key Academic Courses at Sending High School

High School MCC

Advanced Junior or Senior English

or eligible AP exam score

Advanced Senior English ENG102
High School MCC

Contemporary or College Mathematics

or eligible AP or IB exam score

or higher math course
High School MCC
Advanced Chemistry CHM130/130LL
Social Studies
High School MCC

Advanced Am/Az History

or eligible AP or IB exam score

HIS103 [HU, SB]

Advanced Am/Az History

or eligible AP or IB exam score

HIS104 [SB]

Advanced World History

or eligible AP exam score

HIS111 [HU]

Advanced U.S. Government and Politics

or eligible AP exam score

POS110 [SB]

Advanced Macroeconomics

or eligible AP or IB exam score

ECN211 [SB]

Advanced Microeconomics

or eligible AP or IB exam score

ECN212 [SB]

Advanced Psychology

or eligible AP or IB exam score

PSY101 [SB]
select any one [HU] and any one [SB] course

West-MEC Classes

Welding Technologies
High School MCC
Year 1 Welding WLD106AA
Year 1 Welding WLD106AB
Year 1 Welding WLD106AC
Year 2 Welding WLD206AB
Year 2 Welding WLD206AD
Prior Learning Assessment
AWS, ASME, and API Certifications: Students complete MCC admissions and submit certificate verification to automatically earn 5-15 college credits. Visit the PLA website to learn more.