Credit for Industry Credentials

For several of our programs, Mesa Community College offers Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for students with existing industry certifications, licenses, and approved corporate training. With approved PLA, you can receive credits at no cost for industry recognized credentials or a flat $40 administrative fee* for corporate training. Explore the available programs and their associated PLA forms below.

Please note, in order to access and complete a PLA form, you must be an MCC student and have an MEID.

Prior Learning Assessment Forms for Industry Credentials/Training Credits Available Applicable Degrees Program(s)
ASE Certifications 4 - 42
Beauty Industry State Licenses 12 - 32
CompTIA Certifications 3-15
Empire Cat Training

$40 Fee Required*

3 - 23
EMS Licensure/Certification 12.5 - 41
Firefighter Certifications 3 - 18

Lead | ROLFS Global Institute

$40 Fee Required*

McKissock Learning Training

$40 Fee Required*

1 - 2
Mesa Police Department Basic Academy Training **Coming soon** 40
OSHA 30 Certification 3
Real Estate State Licenses 6.5
VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization 3
Welding Certifications 3 - 38

We are always working to expand PLA opportunities to include more degrees that accept prior learning that should be available in the near future. If you have an industry recognized credential or corporate training that you would like us to evaluate which is not on the list, please email your request to the Office of the Deans of Instruction at:

Whether you’re interested in an associate’s degree, a certificate in your field, transferring to a four-year university, or you just want to take some classes for your own personal satisfaction, Mesa Community College has programs to suit your personal goals.