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Annah T. McMahon, Chair


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Building: LB 42
P: 480-461-7033

Be well prepared before you take the Accuplacer Placement Test.

Placement tests are tests, which determine proficiency in the areas of Reading, English, ESL, and Math. It is recommended that before you take the placement tests, you should study and refresh your knowledge. The score that you receive will determine which classes you will take as well as affect your college schedule, overall.

There are 3 ways to prepare for the placement test:

1. Free Boot Camps are one way to prepare. For information about this, click here: Free Boot Camps

2. EdReady is another way to prepare. You will need to have internet access. You can use your own personal computer or you can use computers in the library or the Academic Skills Center.

Here are the instructions for accessing EdReady:

Start by going to this link, click here: EdReady

Once you are on the EdReady site, do the following:

  • Click Get Started.
  • Fill out the form to sign up for EdReady.
  • Be sure to write down your username and password.
  • Click Sign up for EdReady.
  • A confirmation email is sent to your address.
  • Click it and paste the activation code.
  • Log into EdReady.
  • The screen will say “Welcome to EdReady".
  • Enter a key to continue.
  • Enter the key maricopa_63
  • Click Get Started.
  • Click Go to Goal.
  • Choose your level, if unsure start with level 1.
  • Click start diagnostic.
  • Once completed you will see the areas you know and those you may need to review.
  • Follow the path until you have achieved the goal.

3. You can also review study guides before taking the placement test. For information about these, click here: Study Guides for Reading

If you are deciding which class you should take?

  • Start here: Placement Information
  • For more detailed information about which class you should take, talk to an advisor and/or the Reading Department.