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Annah T. McMahon, Chair


Southern & Dobson

Building: LB 42
P: 480-461-7020

Know which Reading Class is right for you.

Mesa Community College uses multiple measures for course placement in order to identify the right courses to support your success. These measures include high school GPA, ACT, SAT, GED, ACCUPLACER, and EdReady scores.

You can learn more about these placement measures by visiting: Click Here

Be well prepared for college reading.

We offer two FREE ways to help you improve your reading placement and to help you be more prepared for reading in any college course.

1. FREE Reading/Writing Boot Camps - Find more information about these live courses that can help build your skills. Click Here

2. FREE Online EdReady Program- This program provides you with a Placement Assessment and a self-paced learning plan to help you refresh and improve your skills. Using EdReady can even help you skip certain reading courses. Learn more about this program by following this guide: Click Here

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