Placement Information

Placement Coach

The Placement Coach uses high school GPA, ACT, SAT, GED, ACCUPLACER, and EdReady scores to provide you with course recommendations.

Start Your Journey on the Right Track

Our colleges now use multiple placement options to determine college course placement for students. The placement methods listed below are effective for enrollment into courses beginning in the Spring 2020 term. To view the current placement charts, click here.

Multiple Measures

Maricopa Community College uses multiple measures for course placement in order to identify the right courses to support your success. These measures include:

Measure Criteria How to Submit Scores
High School GPA Attended high school within the past 10 years Completed at least two years of high school Submit an electronic copy* here
ACT Scores or SAT Scores Taken within last five years Submit an electronic copy* here
GED Scores Taken within last five years Submit an electronic copy* here
ACCUPLACER and WritePlacer Scores Taken within the last two years Automatically uploaded
EdReady Scores See Student Guide Automatically uploaded

*If you don’t already have a copy, use the following links to request scores:

Placement Coach

Our Placement Coach uses the measures listed above to provide you with course recommendations. You are encouraged to share your results with your advisor when you begin the enrollment process. Once you have explored your possible placement, make sure you submit evidence of your scores using the chart above.

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Placement Options

Placement with a Placement Test

You may also want to take a placement test to determine your best options for reading, English, and math classes or if any of the following are true:

  • You are currently a high school freshman or sophomore
  • You wish to place in a higher level of English, math, or reading
  • Your cumulative high school GPA is below a 2.6 AND you do not have an eligible ACT score, SAT score, or GED score
  • Your high school transcripts are older than 10 years
  • Your high school transcripts are from outside the United States

Placement with EdReady

If this is an option for you, use EdReady by following the steps in this Student Guide or contact Testing Services for further information on ACCUPLACER/WritePlacer testing.

Once you receive your test scores, you will review them with an academic advisor and decide together which English, math, and reading courses offer you the best path for academic success.

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