CRE 101 (College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking)

Being well-informed makes you a better student, a better citizen, and most importantly, a better person. How well you can critically read and analyze information often dictates how successful you will be in other classes as well as in the workplace. Critical reading and thinking skills allow you to make wise, informed decisions that will affect your quality of life.

College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking coursework at MCC will help you to enhance your reading skills by presenting challenging reading materials that require analysis, synthesis, and evaluation through written discourse. You will apply your critical reading and thinking skills in various subjects. You will identify, analyze and explain in writing the author’s point of view and purpose, as well as to detect bias and fallacies in arguments. We will also teach you how to read technical writing for interpretation in corporate environments.

Our College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking (CRE 101) classes are currently being taught in the following formats: face to face, hybrid, and online. College Critical Reading is essential to most programs of study and is a 3 credit university-transfer class. This is a required class for many programs and a required class in order to obtain an associate's degree.

Prerequisites: (A grade of "C" or better in ENG101 or ENG107) and (appropriate reading placement test score or a grade of "C" or better in RDG091 or RDG095 or RDG100 or RDG100LL).