ALT (Academic Literacy Through Integrated Reading and Writing)

ALT100 (Academic Literacy Through Integrated Reading and Writing)

Important: Students place into ALT100 based on both a Reading and English placement score. This course prepares students for college-level reading and writing-intensive courses as well as career-related reading and writing tasks.

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What you will learn in ALT100:

  • Apply reading and writing processes and rhetorical strategies to facilitate understanding of texts from multiple perspectives.
  • Distinguish various text features across disciplines.
  • Identify the stated and implied main idea(s), central points, and supporting details found in complex academic texts.
  • Develop strategies to build content area vocabulary for academic purposes.
  • Generate appropriate texts for a variety of academic purposes.
  • Apply the recursive writing process to respond to different rhetorical tasks.
  • Compose text using multimodalities.
  • Gather, evaluate, and utilize internet and database resources for academic purposes.
  • Utilize campus-based resources to support learning.
  • Evaluate personal use of academic literacy and student success strategies through reflective analyses.