RDG 100 (Successful College Reading)

RDG100 (Successful College Reading)

These classes are usually designed to be taken along with specific courses in other disciplines. Students will practice reading strategies in the textbooks and /or online readings assigned for the other disciplinary course.

RDG 100 (Successful College Reading)

IMPORTANT: Students who are placed into RDG100 may satisfy this requirement by taking RDG100. Students usually must be co-enrolled in a 100-level class and another academic class.

Please note: These classes are counted as college-level transfer credits.

Learn your reading skills while you learn the content from another course.

Here’s how it works:

What YOU do:

  • Sign up for an RDG 100 class
    • Teach you the skills to be successful readers of college-level textbooks
    • Allow you to practice those skills using a textbook or other online reading sources) from your other class and/or learn skills that apply to any other college class.
    • The main goal for the RDG 100 class is to help you be successful in your college classes