RDG 100 (Successful College Reading)

IMPORTANT: Students who test into RDG 100 are able to satisfy the RDG 091 requirement. These classes are contextualized, and they are designed to help students read the necessary college-level material used in a companion course in another discipline. Students must be co-enrolled in a 100 level class and another academic class.

Please note: These classes are counted as college-level transfer credits.

Learn your reading skills while you learn the content from another course.

Here’s how it works:

What YOU do:

  • Sign up for a class you need for your program in an introductory (100 level) class in another department (that uses a textbook)
  • Sign up for: RDG 100 class
    • Teach you the skills to be successful readers of college-level textbooks
    • Allow you to practice those skills using THE TEXTBOOK FOR YOUR OTHER CLASS
    • The main goal for the RDG 100 class is to help you be successful in your other college classes.