Civic Action Hour

Civic Action Hour, Wednesdays, 12 PM - 1 PM, Approved Honors Co-Curricular Event, Center for Community & Civic Engagement

Civic Action Hour

Working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference; promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes. Zoom link:

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Date Civic Engagement Event Host Purpose
Sept 6 Election Security & How You Can Be Ballot Ready in 2024 Angelica Bland How Maricopa County conducts elections safely, accurately, securely in the 2nd largest voting jurisdiction in the country. The presentation will include why there is so much interest in Maricopa County Elections, ways to vote, security, how to get ready for the 2024 elections and how to get involved as an election or poll worker. Questions are welcome.
Sept 20 Congress to Campus Opportunity for students to have open dialogue with bipartisan teams of former members of congress, congressional staff, and american diplomats. Specific Microsoft Teams Link:
Sept 27 Every Child Matters (Orange Shirt Day) Intertribal Student Organization

This event is in recognition of Every Child Matters- Orange Shirt Day. This is a day of truth and reconciliation. It is a day of public accountability and (re)commitment to the ongoing process of renewed recognition of Indigenous rights, understanding and relationships. It is a day to stand with Indigenous communities who have endured and continue to endure the aftermath of attempted acts of assimilation.

We are inviting all staff, faculty, students to join us in during the Solidarity Walk around campus. We will be meeting at the MCC Clock Tower at 12pm and will venture to various areas on campus to promote awareness. The end of the walk will conclude at the MCC Library, where students will reveal the Orange Shirt Day display that will be exhibited till the end of the month.

Oct 4 How to talk about Politics and Get informed Avery Xola Clean Elections will provide some helpful tips on discussing politics with you family, friends, coworkers and colleagues. There will also be information on how to get informed to participate in the 2024 election cycle!
Oct 11 Mental Illness Education: It's Time to Talk Kate Mohler and Craig Jacobsen Many people who have a mental illness do not realize it or don’t want to admit it. Mental illness can be more apparent or obvious to people who interact with the person on a regular, daily basis--more so than even doctors. We notice when people we know are not acting like they normally do, and we notice that while some people treat us with dignity, some make us feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Perhaps that person is experiencing depression, anxiety, mania, a lack of self-control, or a lack of insight. While only medical professionals can diagnose, it is beneficial for any community to become educated on what mental illness looks like and how major symptoms present so that community members can act quickly, sooner rather than later, before someone is physically injured or cognitively harmed. This ensures the health and safety of everyone and enables employees to apply this vital knowledge in their personal lives as well.

Please join us for a candid conversation about experiencing and recognizing mental illness and effectively intervening before or during crisis.
Oct 18 Equity for All Arizonans Dr. Brian Dille Equity is related to, but distinct from, equality. Equality is the practice of giving everyone identical resources and opportunities, regardless of where they start. Equity, by contrast, acknowledges that everyone’s starting position is different. Equity distributes resources and opportunities to provide everyone with a chance to succeed. Research shows that the benefits of equity extend beyond improvements for any one individual or category of people. An equitable approach increases productivity, gross domestic product, and tax revenues. Join us as we discuss how to promote equity in Arizona using the AZ Town Hall format of guided consensus-finding.
Oct 25 Arizona Child & Adolescent Survivor Initiative Lynn Spillers ACASI or Arizona Child & Adolescent Survivor Initiative has a mission of fostering healing of intimate partner violence.
Nov 1 National Debt Up To US team The National Debt is the debt that the federal government holds. As of today, it stands at more than $31.5 trillion. Join The Up to Us team for a conversation on the impact and effect national debt has on you!
Nov 8 Brain Injury Alliance Will Grove and Luke Fadell Their mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone impacted by brain injury by providing advocacy, education, information, support, and resources, while promoting brain injury prevention

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“From the River to the Sea: Palestinian Visions of Freedom and Peace” Dr. Maha Nassar What do Palestinians mean when they say, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”? In this talk, historian Dr. Maha Nassar explains the origins of the phrase and how it reflects diverse Palestinian views about the past, the present, and the future.

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