Promotional Items

Showcase your program with promotional items. Provide us with the following information and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request. We regret that not all items may be available due to limited production and distribution. Contact the Special Events coordinator for more info.

  • Date of request
  • Date items are needed
  • Who will be receiving the items (be specific)
  • Reason for promo giveaway
  • Number and type of items requested

Promotional items are given for the following purposes

  • Recruitment
  • Official college visitors/guest speakers
  • Visits to outside institutions
  • MCC employees attending an expo or conference
  • Community Relations

Third Tier Items

Items in this category go to promote and recruit potential students and for community relations activities.

Second Tier Items

Items in this category go to guest speakers and college visitors.

                      Lapel Pins

First Tier Items

Items in this category go to VIP guests and speakers, scholarship donors, employee recognition and community relations.



Men's Shirt

Red Cotton/Nylon Pique Men's Polo Shirt

Women's Shirt

Red Cotton/Ply Pique Women Polo Shirt