Employee Media Guidelines

Purpose of Guide

The MCC Office of Institutional Advancement (IA) provides the following guidelines to assist MCC employees in handling media requests.

Citizen Comments

Employees have a right to choose to speak to the media as a citizen but not on behalf of the college.

Speaking on Behalf of MCC

If asked to speak on behalf of MCC, employees must receive prior approval from the college president or
his designee to serve as a spokesperson.

Direct Requests from the Media

Reporters may contact individuals directly for an interview without first contacting the MCC Office of Institutional Advancement Media Relations staff. If you are contacted directly by a member of the media, we ask that you inform a Media Relations staff member about the requested interview.

If you receive a call from the media and are not sure on how to respond, please take a message and advise the reporter that someone from IA will be in contact. Then, please call an IA Media Relations staff member who can provide advice and/or follow-up with the media representative for you.

Tracking Media Appearances

 IA tracks media appearances and stories for archival purposes on the MCC website.  Media Relations is available to provide coaching and guidance if you are asked for an interview.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dawn Zimmer, MCC Media Relations Manager, with any media questions (dawn.zimmer@mesacc.edu or 480-461-7892).