Online Winter Intersession 2019

Winter Intersession 2018

December 16, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Need to catch up on degree requirements? Want to lighten your Spring class load? Register for Winter Intersession today!

Winter Intersession offers traditional semester-long courses in online, 4-week classes, helping you accelerate your education. Registration deadline is Monday, December 16, 2019.

We also have Open-Entry classes that start every Monday during Winter Intersession: 12/16/19, 12/23/19, 12/30/19 and 1/6/20. For more information about Open-Entry classes, please contact

Registration for Spring 2020 classes is now open.

The Benefits

  • Convenient and Accessible 24/7
  • Flexibility to Balance Work, Family and Other Demands
  • Same Transfer Value as Traditional Classes
  • Save Money - No Driving to Campus

Keep in Mind

Remember that this session is only 26 days long! These classes are fast and furious and four times more accelerated than a regular semester. Expect to logon into your course daily and spend 3-6 hours learning and completing assignments for a single class. By focusing your efforts on a single Winter Intersession class, our data shows that you increase your chances of being successful. Obviously, the choice is yours and we're happy that you're considering Winter Intersession classes at Mesa Community College.