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No Late Registration

Students will not be permitted to enroll in a class once it has started.

Miss the first day?  No problem.  Register for late-start classes!

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Winter Intersession 2014

December 21, 2015 – January 15, 2016

Need to catch up on degree requirements?  Want to lighten your Spring class load?  Register for Winter Intersession today! Enjoy the flexibility of online classes; catch up on credits from the comfort of your home during Winter break.

Winter Intersession features 16- week online courses in a fast paced, 4- week period of study, helping you accelerate your education.  Find the classes you want – choose from many in-demand courses, including Counseling and Personal Development, English, Food and Nutrition, Health Science, History, Math, and more. 

Winter Intersession classes begin Monday, December 21th and end Friday, January 15th.

Information about Spring 2016 classes is also available.

The Advantages

The Benefits

  • Convenient and Accessible 24/7
  • Flexibility to Balance Work, Family and Other Demands
  • Same Transfer Value as Traditional Classes
  • Save Money - No Driving to Campus

Am I Ready?

A Successful Online Student will:

  • be able to communicate effectively in writing
  • be self-motivated, organized and self-disciplined
  • be willing to seek help and find solutions when problems arise
  • be willing to commit the same amount of time as they would in a traditional class
  • think critically and make informed decisions
  • have access to a reliable computer and internet connection
  • be willing to check email and class site daily
  • be computer literate with basic skills - attaching documents, using email, etc.