Course Previews

Are you interested in taking online courses at MCC?  Check out the course previews below to get acquainted with online learning at MCC!

*Please note: These courses are only previews, you will be able to interact with some of the content, but will not receive any feedback from the course instructors – they are just samples.  Each of the sample courses was developed by way of the MCC Gold Star Mentoring Program which uses the Quality Matters rubric as a guideline for quality course development.

Course Previews

This is an eight week course with activities and discussions.  View the course and explore the first two weeks to get an idea of what to expect in an accelerated online course. Specifically, this course is for those who need their Arizona Department of Education's Structured English Immersion Provisional Endorsement for teaching certification.

Click here to preview EDU220    

This is a 16 week Administration of Justice course which requires no prerequisite classes.  It incorporates multimedia and other dynamic content.

Click here to preview AJS123

College Critical Reading Class is a 16 week class that involves discussions, assignments, and other activities, which use some multimedia. English 101 is a prerequisite. This is a hybrid class, which means we meet in person once a week and the rest of the class is online using Canvas. 

CIS 105: Survey of Computer Information Systems

This is a 16 week course that is part of the Arizona General Education Curriculum -- which means it’s a class that most students take at MCC.  Take a peek at the preview to see if taking it online is an option for you!

IFS 101: Information Skills in the Digital Age

This course is usually offered as a late start 14 week course. It has a prerequisite of ENG 101 or ENG 107 and is a Literacy & Critical Inquiry (L) designated course. A wide variety of students take this course to learn important information skills they can use to succeed in any class. It incorporates a variety of media and activities.  

SLG 201: American Sign Language III

This course brings American Sign Language to the online environment. Students have access to a video vocabulary manual, activities, and lectures providing a dynamic online learning environment for language acquisition.  With the ability to post videos, conduct live chats, and interact regularly in the target language students experience the cultural and linguistic nuances as well. This course has prerequisites of SLG 101 and SLG 102.