I just signed up for a class and I want to know what to do next? Will my instructor call me or send me something in the mail before my class starts?

Go to MCC Online Get Started and follow the steps to your online class located in Canvas. Some instructors will use Canvas (a course management system) to post their class content and instructions, while others will post directions to the class location. Note: Some instructors do not upload their class until the start date so early viewing may not be available.

Some instructors do contact students before class via phone, letter or email; others do not. It is important to check your Google Apps email regularly for messages. Go to google.maricopa.edu to access your email account. Use your Maricopa Username and Password. It is recommended that students initiate contact with the instructor by the first day of class.

Will my internet class count the same as a traditional class would; will it show as an internet class on my transcript?

Internet classes have the same transfer value as traditional classes and are not noted any differently on your transcript.

Is there a certain time I have to log in to the class?

Online classes begin the Monday after the official college start date; Tuesday if Monday is a holiday (Spring semester). See the Academic Calendar for more details. All students should login to their class on or before the first day of class.

Before the start date, students are encouraged to go to the online class door, visit MCC Online Get Started and see if any class information has been posted. Email your instructor to let them know you are ready for class.

Do I have to come to campus to take my tests or attend any classes?

While most internet classes require no on-campus requirements, some instructors do require on-campus exams, class orientations, labs, etc. Please contact your instructor using the Contacts tool to determine if any on-campus requirements exist.

Can I take my whole degree program online?

A growing number of internet classes are added every year and many of them will apply towards a degree program.

When I registered for my class it notes STAFF as the instructor. How can I find out who is teaching my class?

A STAFF designation means an instructor has not yet been assigned to the class. Contact the academic department to find out if an instructor has been assigned and get their contact information (email). Find the Department and click on the department name to see the Chair.

I have e-mailed my instructor a few times and he/she has not responded. I am afraid I will fall behind unless I get help on my question. What should I do?

Try calling the instructor. If that doesn't generate a response, contact the department chair. Find the Department and click on the department name to see the Chair.

Do you have a list (schedule) of all internet classes offered at MCC?

Yes. Go to the online class schedule. You can and search for these classes using the keywords search or select Internet courses from the options below.

I signed up for my class several weeks ago and I just now found out that the class didn't make. It is after the start date and I am afraid I will lose my financial aid, scholarship, etc. What should I do?

Contact the Financial Aid Office and ask for assistance. Many classes at MCC have late start dates, allowing you to enroll in another class. In addition, some instructors will allow students in to their classes within the first two weeks of class. Contact the instructor for permission. If the class is full, a signed override slip approved by the instructor and department chair will be required to enroll.

Can I work ahead on my assignments and finish the class before it ends?

Class design and assignment due dates are determined by the instructor. As a result, all online classes are different. This question should be presented to your instructor.

What class formats does MCC offer?

Live Online classes meet virtually on specific days and times, so you can interact with your instructors and classmates in a real-time video session. If you don’t want schedule restrictions, you can learn when you want with Online classes. For the few classes requiring labs or specialized equipment, Hybrid classes combine online and on-campus education.

I have questions and need help! Is there one place I can go for assistance?

Yes. The HelpCenter offers a one stop service to assist you. You can contact them by phone, email, live chat or walk-in. It is located in the AS building next to the coffee shop.