Student Profile Stories


Beshoy Ibrahim SoulimanMy name is Beshoy Ibrahim Souliman.

I was born in 1990 in Egypt then after 4 years I moved with my family to Jordan. I studied in Jordan to my second year at university in Computer Science at the Hashemite University.

My elder brother who will be graduating as a PHD civil Engineering major from ASU soon invited me to come to the US and study his major and follow in his footsteps! So I agreed and I came here 2 years ago. I am a student at Mesa Community College since I came and I’ll be transferring to ASU in fall the 2012.

I have been enjoying every moment in MCC. I created a lot of friendships with many international/American students. I was lucky enough to start working with the amazing International Education staff at an on-campus job, and the staff encouraged me to participate in the Global Leadership Retreat 2011 and that was an exceptional experience for me. The retreat extended my knowledge about cultural conflicts and how to deal with it and come up with many different ways to solve those issues and in the same time it was a good chance to meet a lot of students from all over Maricopa Colleges and the world; many became a very close friends of mine.

My next plan is becoming a member of the MCC I-Team (International Orientation Team) to help all the international students who had the same problems I had when I first came here.


ParisaMy name is Parisa.

Originally from Iran, I moved to the U.S in 2009 as an international student. I started attending Mesa Community College when I was 17 in spring 2010 as an engineering student and absolutely love it. The staff at the International Education office was very helpful and guided me through the entire process.

I am very involved on campus. I am a student worker at the International Education Office and I also work as a tutor for the Athletics department. I am the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs for student government on campus and am a member of PTK and other clubs.

One thing I really like about MCC is the quality of education. Classes are smaller than a university so you get all the attention you need from your teachers and they always help you. I have made a lot of friends through all the clubs and activities I am involved in. I was a part of the Global Leadership Team and that was a great experience, because it taught me how to be patient and how to understand other people.

I am planning on transferring to a four-year university next fall to complete my degree. My plan for the last semester at MCC is to become a part of the I-team to mentor international students.