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What is the MCC Early College Academy?

The Early College Academy is a unique opportunity for high school students to begin their college experience as early as the start of their Sophomore year of high school. Eligible students from Mesa Public Schools enroll into college classes that meet both high school graduation and college degree requirements. Students also attend workshops that focus on personal growth, study skills, and career exploration. Reading, writing, and math bootcamps are integrated into the program to increase student success in core academic areas.

What are the benefits?

  • Enrolling in college courses while in high school provides students an opportunity to experience college in a structured environment.
  • Students have a chance to knock out college courses that are typically taken during the first two years of a bachelor's degree program. Once in college, they will have more flexibility and time to take courses in line with their major, work part-time without slowing down their progress or participate in other college opportunities.
  • Statistics show students enrolled in early college programs are more likely to attend college after high school and complete a degree.
  • Students may join the program at the start of their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year of high school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in this program?
The program is open to currently enrolled freshman attending Dobson, Mesa, Mountain View, Red Mountain, Skyline, or Westwood High Schools within the Mesa Public School District with a cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.
Where is the Early College Academy held?
The MCC Early College Academy is held at the MCC Southern and Dobson and Red Mountain campuses.
What would my (student) schedule look like and what classes would they be taking?
Students will enroll in 4 high school classes and two high school/college courses that will be part of your normal school day. The college class will count toward both high school and college requirements. The course curriculum is specific to the MCC Campus you attend. Dobson, Mesa, and Westwood Curriculum may be found HERE (scroll to College Classes and High School Credit). Mountain View, Red Mountain and Skyline Curriculum may be found HERE (scroll to College Classes and High School Credit).
Is transportation provided?
Yes. Mesa Public School (MPS) will bus students to and from the MCC campus during the school year.
Will my student still be able to participate in-before or after school activities?
Yes, Early College Academy will take place during the first two periods of a student's high school schedule.
Does MCC offer disability resources?
Yes, our Disability Resources Office is available to all students.
My child is currently on an IEP/504 at their high school. Can I expect to receive the same services?
MCC is governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The best way to determine if your child would qualify for accommodations would be to contact the Office of Disability Resources at 480-654-7751. Together, they can assist you with exploring available accommodations and ways to access them.


Early College Academy:
Southern & Dobson Campus

This program serves Mesa Public School students from Dobson, Mesa, and Westwood High Schools. Early College Academy courses at this campus are mostly taught by bilingual, Spanish-English speaking faculty. The classroom is a space for making connections across languages and deepening student understanding of content.

More details

  • Spanish language proficiency is not required
  • Course apply broadly to MCC and transfer degrees
  • Reduced tuition

Early College Academy:
Red Mountain Campus

This program serves Mesa Public School students from Mountain View, Red Mountain, and Skyline High Schools. The program is open to all students, however, students interested to explore or pursue a career in allied health fields are strongly encouraged to participate.

More details

  • Course apply broadly to MCC and transfer degrees
  • Reduced tuition