Scholarships & Funding Sources

It takes time and research to find and apply for financial aid but there is a wealth of sources including federal/state governments, the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, nonprofits and private organizations. Here is some guidance to help you find the scholarships and grants to fund your higher education goals.

Paying for your Nursing Education

Begin by going to the Mesa Community College’s Financial Aid website as well as stopping by in person to speak with a financial aid specialist in the Enrollment Center. Attend campus workshops to help find where to apply and how best to fill out forms and present required materials.

It can take many, many months for applications to be processed so starting to search six month to a year before you begin classes is ideal. There is no fee to enroll at MCC; tuition is paid only for registering for classes, so enroll as soon as possible.

Education Funding Resources Especially for Nurses

More Ways to Pay for College

Federal Funds

FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the key to connecting with federal grants, scholarships and low-interest loans. As soon as possible, you should complete the online application. You will need documentation, which is listed on MCC’s Financial Aid website, along with other important information.

MCC's school code number is 001077. You will need this number for your FAFSA application

Maricopa Community Colleges Scholarships

  • Students attending a Maricopa Community College, such as MCC, are eligible for scholarships from The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. You do not have to prove citizenship to be eligible for the majority of these scholarships. There is one application to fill out and you are automatically considered for a multitude of assistance and notified if you qualify.
  • The Presidents’ Honors Scholarships are for recent Maricopa high school graduates students who may apply for a scholarship to attend MCC that cover in-county tuition up to 15 credit hours and some registration fees for up to four consecutive semesters, if they have a 3.0 GPA plus required placement test scores.
  • Gain skills while you earn money for college with an MCC Work Study job. You apply for this funding when you fill out your FAFSA. If you don’t qualify, you can still find jobs at the college and in the businesses surrounding campus at the Maricopa Career Network.

Apply Online

Maricopa Community Colleges

Completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an essential part of applying for scholarships through the Maricopa Community College (Publicly Funded) District Scholarship Program.

You may also use your FAFSA to apply for other types of financial aid funds and other scholarships.

Maricopa Foundation

Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation (Privately Funded) encourages you to apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible.

To submit an application for a specific scholarship, your general application must first be submitted.

Community Organizations

Money for higher education is available from groups such as the AZ Community Foundation, Nina Mason Pulliam and The Scholarship Guide for Single Parents .