Paramedic to RN      Information Session

 Wednesday May 25th

  Time 2:00pm-3:30pm

  Southern and Dobson campus

  Health/Wellness Building (HW 8)

  Room 804

Paramedic to RN Application

The Paramedic to RN Transition Program at MCC offers experienced paramedics at pathway to advanced placement in the MaricopaNursing Program.  The program provides paramedics with the theory and clinical competencies to successfully progress into the second or third semester of the MaricopaNursing RN program of study.

Mesa Community College will offer the next Paramedic Bridge Program cohort in Spring 2017. This program consists of 9 credits (NUR102, NUR 103, & NUR104) and includes online components, in-class sessions, and structured clinical experiences in local hospitals and medical centers.


Program slots placement is first come, first served.  Application deadline for the Spring17 cohort is mid-January 2017.

Prerequisites for Paramedic / RN Transition

NUR187 Online Pharmacology and Medication Administration II.  This course is pre-req for paramedic/RN Transition course!

  • Fall 2015: course 26153
  • If your target is the Spring 2016 PM to RN Transition, you need to have this completed by the end of THIS semester.  It must be taken within 1 year prior to submitting an application.  Course begins at MCC on September 8th 2015.

Contact instructor Glenna Bayer for override code via email at

Advisement / Information Sessions for Spring 2017

Interested students should attend one of the sessions specific to the Paramedic to RN Bridge Program. No Appointment is needed. Sessions will cover in-depth information related to the Spring 2017 enrollment groups. Instructor available for questions.

Information Sessions Schedule

Paramedic to RN Information Session Upcoming Sessions

Wednesday May 25th 2016


Southern and Dobson campus

Health/Wellness Building (HW 8)

Room 804

Wednesday July 25th 2016


Southern and Dobson

Health/Wellness Building (HW 8)

Room 812

View the video below from the most recent information session for details about the program:

Successful completion of the Bridge Program will qualify a student for eligibility to apply for Advanced Placement entrance into the second or third semester of the MaricopaNursing AAS Program. Interested students must complete the Advanced Placement Application Packet available at the college advisors office or at  Check back for application dates.  The Bridge Program is valid for 9 months after coursework completion. A student completing the spring Bridge Program must enter a nursing program of study by January 2017.

All interested applicants should contact Tuesdee Pfeiff, Nursing Advisor at Mesa Community College, 480-461-7208 or Email Tuesdee at Also, check out our Facebook page. Registration for the late-start spring 2016 semester is expected to begin in November 2015.

Requirements - Paramedic to Associate in Applied Science in Nursing (RN) Bridge Program

  • High School graduation or GED
  • Transcripts: Request that all official high school, colleges and university transcripts be sent to Mesa Community College Attn: Nursing Department HW-8 at 1833 W. Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202 for evaluation. Credit by Evaluation is required for vocational or non-credit courses or courses taken at non-accredited institutions.
  • General Education Courses required for admission into the third semester: Minimum grade required is a "C"; or 2.0
    • CHM130+CHM130LL Fundamental Chemistry with lab or one year high school Chemistry
    • BIO201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    • BIO202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
    • BIO205 Microbiology
    • MAT141, 142 or higher College Mathematics
    •  ENG101 First year Composition
    • NUR187 Pharmacology & Med Administration II or equivalent (NCE170) (within 12months of application)
  • Applications submitted through January 31, 2016 will be accepted with completion of MAT120 or higher. However, students must complete MAT142 and ENG101 prior to graduation.
  • Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card: See an advisor for information and application packet to apply for the card. Allow 4 to 8 weeks to receive the FCC.
  • HESI A2 Admission Exam: Applicants must meet the score requirements posted in the admission packet.
  • Copy of current, valid and unrestricted Arizona or National Paramedic Registry Certificate. Minimum of one year of paramedic work experience within last 3 yrs or permission of nursing director.
  • Health and Safety Documents

Refer to the Advanced Placement Information & Application Packet for Paramedic Applicants for more information on applying for admission into the nursing program and the general education courses required for graduation. Successful completion of the Associate in Applied Sciences in Nursing Degree provides eligibility for graduates to seek licensure as a Registered Nurse through the State Board of Nursing. Licensing requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the State Boards of Nursing.