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Nursing Graduates Through the Decades

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1965: The fall semester curriculum included: practical nursing, a clerical program, electronics, and drafting technology.

1966: A nursing program at Mesa Community College was contracted and approved with the Manpower Development Training Act.

1966: The first graduating class for the MCC Practical Nursing program had 16 graduates at the Sept. 9 ceremony.

1968: MCC enrollment was 3,473 day students.  Registered Nursing was added to the curriculum.

1970:  Laboratory process technology and manufacturing process technology were added to the curriculum at Mesa Community College. The nursing program at Mesa had received reasonable assurance of accreditation from the National League of Nurses.

1974: The nursing building was opened.

1990: The Nursing Program received the maximum 8-year accreditation from the National League for Nursing. MCC's Associate degree nursing program began in 1969.

2004: Grand opening of the MCC/Boswell nurses training facility in Sun City on the 11th also commemorated the 25th anniversary of their partnership.

2014: Nursing instructor Karin J. Sherrill was inducted into the Academy of Nursing Education. The National League for Nursing established the Academy of Nursing Education in 2007 to foster excellence in nursing education by recognizing individuals who have made enduring and substantial contributions to nursing education.