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Southern & Dobson Campus

Building: HW 8
P: 480-461-7106


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun


Pre-Nursing Student Information
P. 480-461-7239

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Name Title Contact
Elizabeth A. Allen Residential Faculty - Clinical Nursing


Bianca Nicole Altamirano Kelly Student Services Analyst
Adam Wayne Aronsen Adjunct Faculty
Lisa Baba Residential Faculty - Medical--Surgical Nursing


Office: HW 8 - Room: 868

Rashin Badiei Adjunct Faculty
Nicole Bartreau Residential Faculty - Clinical Nursing


Office: HW 8 - Room: 862

Glenna Bayer Adjunct Faculty


Office: HW 8

Sheri Bear Adjunct Faculty - Nursing

480-540-8249 (alternate)

480-540-8249 (mobile)

Heidi J Biship Adjunct Faculty
Tabitha Blixt Adjunct Faculty
Mary Boyce Dean
Adjunct Faculty - Nursing
Office of Dean Career-Tech Pro


Office: RDM-M Mesquite - Room: M225

Diana Breed, MSN, RN, CHSE
Faculty Chair - Interim Chair / Simulation Faculty Coordinator
Program Director:


Office: HW 8 - Room: 865

Tyler Call Lab Tech Senior

801-592-0580 (mobile)

Lori I. Clark Adjunct Faculty


Laken Collins Student Services Analyst
Suzanne Cordeiro Residential Faculty - Nursing
Elizabeth Renae Crandall Residential Faculty - Clinical Nursing


Office: HW 8 - Room: HW869

Jenna Rose Craven Adjunct Faculty
Maria Elena Curbelo Adjunct Faculty
Tim J. Elson Jr Residential Faculty - Block III

Office: HW 8

Charles "Wes" Foster Residential Faculty - Block 1 Afternoon Cohort


Office: HW 8 - Room: 876

Nahomy Gallegos Fraijo Administrative Specialist Sr


Office: HW 8

Breshae L. Greenberg Instructional Services Coordinator


Ferride I Haddad Adjunct Faculty
Kelsey Rhea Ham Adjunct Faculty
Marcel Janine Hoke-Harvey Residential Faculty - Nursing
Jennie Hunt Adjunct Faculty
Julie Jones Adjunct Faculty
Lisa Marie Kirkby Faculty - OYO
Megan F Kirschner Faculty - OYO
Mirian Alexandra Klaman Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Klein Student Services Analyst
Tabetha Dawn Lamagna Adjunct Faculty
Leah Arlene Lee Adjunct Faculty
Kelly Levy Administrative Support - Nursing
Denise Lewis Residential Faculty - Nursing - Block One - PM Cohort


Office: HW 8 - Room: HW - 879

Alyne Lijewski Healthcare Programs at Red Mountain, Administrative Specialist Sr.


Office: RDM-V Acacia Village - Room: V116A

Linda Camille Mackey ND, MSN, FNP-BC, PMHNP Residential Faculty - Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing


480-461-7106 (alternate)

Office: HW 8 - Room: 861

Darin Alan Maser Adjunct Faculty


Ashley Mayfield Administrative Specialist Sr


Office: HW 8 - Room: HW801

Kathleen Leonore Mead Residential Faculty - Nursing

Office: RDM-PV Palo Verde - Room: 228

Tiffany Ann Meason Adjunct Faculty
Gwen Kay Metz Residential Faculty - Nursing
Brandon Scott Metz Staff
Lisa Nastacio Student Services Analyst
Kelly H. Newcomer Residential Faculty - Clinical Nursing


Sara Northrop Residential Faculty - Nursing


Office: HW 8

Emma Obenberger Adjunct Faculty
Cynthia Kay Olson Educational Support
Stephanie Lyn Oplinger Faculty - OYO


Hannah Payne Adjunct Faculty
Abbee Elizabeth Quine Adjunct Faculty
Ann Richardson Residential Faculty - Nursing
Daniel J Robles Adjunct Faculty - Adjunct Faculty - Nursing

602-513-0522 (alternate)

602-513-0522 (mobile)

Nancy Sanchez Padilla Laboratory Technician Senior
Jesus Junior Serrato Staff
Selina Danielle Sims Adjunct Faculty
Erica Dawn Stapley Adjunct Faculty
Pamela Storto Adjunct Faculty
Alexandria Leigh Toovey Adjunct Faculty
Maria E Torkkola Nursing Compliance Officer
Belinda Weiss Residential Faculty - Block 1 Fundamentals morning program


480-461-7186 (alternate)

Office: HW 8 - Room: HW 873

Justine Jeri Willman Residential Faculty - Adult Health

480-461-7639 (alternate)

Office: HW 8 - Room: 866