Health and Safety Compliance

Health and Safety compliance is key to your participation in a healthcare program. Each student is responsible for achieving and maintaining their compliance.

Students are responsible for keeping their compliance in good standing. It is imperative for a student's success and continuation in their Nursing Program.

Compliance encompasses health and safety requirements set forth by Maricopa Nursing and our clinical partners to ensure the safety of our students and patients. It will be required of you in the healthcare workplace as well.

All students in clinical settings, regardless of the type and location of the setting, must meet all Clinical Compliance requirements for Maricopa Nursing and every clinical site to which they are assigned.

Please also keep in mind that clinical requirements for sites can change. You will be notified should changes be made prompting your action to meet their requirements.

*Emails asking, “Am I in compliance?” will be met with instructions for checking your compliance.

Compliance Steps to Success

1. Download/Print the Nursing Health and Safety Checklist and watch the Health and Safety training video on the district website.

2. Download/Print the 2024 Compliance Guide (Nursing Program)

3. Use this video to walk you through the compliance process.

Am I in Compliance?

  1. Check Complio.

  • Have you received any compliance emails from Complio? Be sure you read them thoroughly.
  • Upload your updated items to Complio, wait for approval, and Sync ADB to MCE.
  1. Check MyClinicalExchange.

  • Are you missing any items from your college compliance checklist?
  • You will be added to clinical rotations in myClinicalExchange and they have their own set of compliance items.
  • Check your clinical rotations.
  • Look at Compliance, Documents, Modules, and Exams for anything missing.
  • Fill in and submit all items that need attention.
  • Wait for approval.
  1. If you are unsure of what to do for an item, and you have a red thumb down, do not ignore it.

  2. Ask for help (after following the above steps). 99% of the time other students have the same question.

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