Nurse Assisting

*** Please check this webpage for updated information regarding submission of Nurse Assisting applications.  For questions regarding registration/enrollment, please contact Tamara Lawrence (Nursing Administrative Specialist, Sr.,, 480-461-7628). For program-specific questions, please contact the Nurse Assisting Program Coordinator, Nicole Bartreau. ***

Among the vast array of health care careers lies the area of direct care giving. One of the vital health care team members is the Nursing Assistant [NA]. The NA works under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Nicole Bartreau-Program Coordinator 

Nurse Assisting Information Packet

Nursing Assistants can be found in nursing homes, hospitals, adult day health centers, assisted living facilities, even personal homes. Wherever there is a need for personal care, Nursing Assistants are the ones who, for the most part, perform the most basic needs for patients, young and old alike. Since NAs have extensive daily contact with each patient, they are key to providing vital information on the patient's conditions to the nurse.

Nursing Assistants provide patient care to maintain safety and needed assistance with daily living tasks, such as:

  • Dressing, bathing, toileting, and skin care

  • Assistance with movement: walking, transferring from a bed to a chair, or positioning in bed

  • Taking vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, etc.)

  • Communicating patient needs or changes to the nurse or health team

About the Program

The Nurse Assisting Course is one-semester in length, and combines classroom learning with experiential learning in the laboratory or clinical area. Classes are taught by a registered nurse.  Students will be in class one day per week for 4-5 hours, and in the laboratory or clinical area one or two additional days per week, for up to 8 hours.

Pre-Registration Requirements

These requirements must be completed before you can register for your classes.  Please see Tamara Lawrence, at the front desk in the Nursing Department, to get the needed information to complete the following steps.

Background Check
As of September 1, 2011 students must provide documentation that he or she has completed and “passed” an MCCCD-supplemental background check. The background check must be completed no sooner than six (6) months before the first date of the class. Detailed information can be found on the MaricopaNursing website.    The instructions and MCC-specific access code for the background check must be obtained from the nursing department.
Health Care Provider Signature Form
A health care provider must sign the Health Care Provider Signature Form within six (6) months of program admission and indicate whether the applicant will be able to function as a nursing student based on the Essential Skills and Functional Abilities.
Immunizations & Fingerprint Card
Please read the Explanation of Health and Safety Requirements section of the checklist carefully for helpful information.

Attach required photo-copies of all documents to the checklist. Keep the originals for your own records. Once documents are accepted by the college, no document will be returned to the student.

The nursing department will need to see the Fingerprint Clearance Card in addition to the photocopy. To apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card please see the following link: Arizona Department of Public Safety

NOTE: Flu Vaccine: During flu season, students will be required to receive an annual flu vaccination. Fall entry students will be required to receive the immunization in October. Spring entry students are required to have it prior to registration. Students who decline the flu vaccination for medical or religious purposes will be required to wear a mask during all clinical shifts. Further details can be provided by the MaricopaNursing program you are attending.