Landscape Horticulture Program

The Associate in Applied Science in (AAS) Landscape Horticulture prepares students to work as technicians, supervisors, managers, or owners in wholesale or retail nurseries, landscape design and construction operations, or landscape management companies. In addition, the program prepares students for careers with local, state, and federal government agencies involved with the technical phases of the Landscape Horticulture industry.

Landscape Horticulture AAS Degree

The Landscape Horticulture program gives you a chance to earn a 2-year AAS degree that can transfer directly into ASU East Polytechnic as a Junior! The first two years spent at MCC will save you thousands of dollars over the costs associated with taking the same courses at ASU - and you get the added benefit of smaller classes taught by professionals in the industry. Not graduate students.

Certificates of Completion

The Landscape Horticulture Program provides areas of specialization which means you can earn a Certificate of Completion as a Landscape Aide or Landscape Specialist.

Get in the Program

To register for the Landscape Horticulture program we strongly urge you to contact the Program Director, Mike Gaspar, by email at The Director can help you build an education plan that ensures you receive credit for previously taken classes. This is a great way to be certain the classes you do take give you the most direct (and shortest) path to your Certificate or Degree!

Financial Aid

MCC offers a variety of scholarship, grants and loan options to help you pay for your education. There are also financing options that allow you to spread your payments over time. The Cashier's office has all the details of tuition costs and any additional fees that may apply to your chosen Program of Study.

Register for Classes

Follow the simple Enrollment Steps to register for classes. Our dedicated staff want to help you make the most of your time here at Mesa Community College.