Emergency Medical Technician


For the Fall 2021 semester, all EMT courses will be offered in the following formats:
-Hybrid: Classes combine reduced, regularly scheduled classroom meetings with required learning activities conducted via the Internet.
-In-Person: Attend class on campus during specific times and days
Please refer to the 'notes' section below each course listed in the class schedule for details.


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What is an EMT-Basic?

EMT-Basic is the entry-level of pre-hospital emergency medical care providers. EMT-Bs are not trained to provide definitive medical care but instead focus on rapid in-field treatment and transport to higher medical providers. The training is designed to provide the next sequence of skills required to progress upward in the emergency health care field and qualifies the student for state EMT-basic certification sanctioned by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Needing a permission number for enrollment? Review the steps to register below.

Program Overview

Program Requirements

Reading Placement Tests

To prove reading comprehension, all students must first take Mesa Community College's Reading Comprehension Next Generation placement test and obtain a score of 249. MCC Testing Center Hours.

  • For scores lower than 249, students can submit unofficial/official HS transcripts documenting a GPA of 3.0 or higher and receive approval from the Program Director.
  • *NEW* EdReady Assessments with a reading score of 75 or higher are now accepted.
  • Students who have an Associates Degree or higher from an accredited college are exempt from testing but will need to provide a copy of college transcripts/degree at the time of registration.

Age Requirements & Testing

Students must be 18 years of age before taking the NREMT Exam, within one year from the end of the program.

In order for students to take the NREMT Exam, they must first: obtain 70% overall in the EMT program, successfully complete EMT104 AB and pass the skills portion of the program, and pass the final course exam with a 75% or higher.

CPR | EMT 101

As of Fall 2020, our EMT program is now requiring all aspiring EMT students to enroll in Mesa Community College's Basic Life Support/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (EMT101) course.

By enrolling in our course, EMT instructors are able to guarantee that students are in compliance with the current Arizona Department of Health Services guidelines, as well as possess current CPR knowledge and practices that are concurrent with all MCC EMT courses. If you are already CPR certified before enrolling in the program, you must obtain approval from the Program Director to opt-out of this course. Please note: card must be from a recognized program, and at a BLS provider level. Any students who are NOT at a BLS provider level will automatically be enrolled in EMT101.


Students in MCC's EMT program will have an opportunity to experience simulations of actual emergency responses, with the practical application of techniques and skills covered in EMT curricula. Simulations are scenario-based learning applied to the techniques of emergency medical care in accordance with national and state curriculum.

Program Tuition and Cost

Class Cost Breakdown

MCC Registration Processing Fee


EMT 104

  • Tuition- $850.00

  • Course Fee- $125.00

EMT 101: CPR

  • Tuition- $42.50

  • Course Fee- $30.00

EMT104AB: Applied Practical Studies

  • Tuition- $42.50

  • Course Fee- $75.00

EMT104LL: Practicum

  • Tuition- $170.00
  • Course Fee- $135.00
Miscellaneous Costs
  • Book- $300.00
  • State Test (if applicable)- $80.00

Total Projected Cost


Course Breakdown

Beginning Fall 2020, MCC's EMT Program will bundle the following courses as a semester cohort: EMT101, EMT104, EMT104LL, & EMT104AB. EMT104AB and EMT104LL classes correspond with a student's preferred EMT104 class. Students will automatically be enrolled in EMT104AB and EMT104LL classes based on the cohort selection upon registration. The program requires enrollment in all four classes per semester, with the exception of EMT101 if a student is already CPR certified and obtains approval to opt-out of the course. The EMT Block totals to 13 credit hours per semester. Fall21 EMT Schedules

EMT101- 0.5 Credits

  • Designed to provide the allied healthcare provider with the knowledge and skills to perform Basic Life Support (BLS) according to current guidelines for emergency cardiovascular care

EMT104- 10 Credits

  • Designed prepare students for the scope of practice and standard of care with a comprehensive assessment, diagnostic technology, patient advocacy, ethical and professional behaviors, critical thinking, decision-making, and patient management of medical and trauma emergencies and non-emergencies

EMT104LL- 2 Credits

  • A simulated section in which the student incorporates a standard of care and scope of practice with a comprehensive assessment and diagnostic technology, patient advocacy, ethical and professional behaviors, critical thinking, decision-making, and patient management of medical and trauma emergencies

EMT104AB- 0.5 Credits

  • Simulation of actual emergency responses, with the practical application of techniques and skills covered in EMT104.

Summer 2021 Cohort SchedulesFall 2021 Cohort Schedules

Steps to Register

In order to be eligible to begin EMT training, students must first satisfy the requirements of the Arizona Department of Health Services. Requirements are mandatory and require documentation to ensure compliance.

  1. Create an MEID Account and Apply for admissions for Mesa Community College: https://admissions.maricopa.edu/

  2. Take the Placement Test: https://www.mesacc.edu/enroll/placement-test

    • Scores must be 249+ Next-Generation Accuplacer or 75+ for EdReady Assessment.

  3. Check out class times and dates: https://www.mesacc.edu/schedule/

  4. Register for EMT101: Basic Life Support through your Maricopa Student Center

  5. Complete the EMT104 Registration Form

    Summer 2021 Classes Are Now FULLFall 2021 Registration Form

  • Be advised you will be asked to upload documents:

    • Reading Scores

    • CPR card- should be issued by the American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), or American Red Cross (ARC).

Once completed, students should receive a copy of their form In their Maricopa email. If you do not receive this email, please contact our office: (480) 461-6300