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Building: Downtown Center, 4th Floor
P: 480-461-6300


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Thu: 8 am – 4 pm
Fri: 8 am – 2 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 7 am – 5 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun

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Name Title Contact
Chuck B. Bauer Adjunct Faculty
Shannon Marie Bolcerek Staff
Mary Boyce Dean
Adjunct Faculty - Nursing
Office of Dean Career-Tech Pro


Office: RDM-M Mesquite - Room: M225

Dawn L. Brause Residential Faculty - Second Year Clinical Coordinator


Office: RDM-S Saguaro - Room: S258

Daniela M. Busbee Instructor - Dental Clinical Lab Assoc
Katie Lee Delay Adjunct Faculty
Symone E Deloney Staff
Verity K A Ellsworth Denham Adjunct Faculty
Casey Dominick Adjunct Faculty
Krista Ann Kader Ethington Instructor - Dental Clinical Lab Assoc
Brice Skyler Evans Adjunct Faculty
Charles Finch Instructor


Alison L. Fox Instructor - Dental Clinical Lab Assoc
Jeff Marvin Glenn Staff
Patricia M. Greene Staff
Adjunct Faculty
Lynn L Hart Adjunct Faculty
Vanessa R Holman Adjunct Faculty
Ronald Huffman Staff
Kevin Michael Johnston Adjunct Faculty
Frederick H. King Adjunct Faculty
Daniel B. Krahn Adjunct Faculty
Rebecca L Larson Adjunct Faculty
Justin Matthew Lisonbee Adjunct Faculty
Peteris Janis Matthews Adjunct Faculty
Kimber Leigh Mexin Adjunct Faculty
Emmett E Middaugh Adjunct Faculty
Sean P. Newton Faculty Chair - Residential Faculty - Paramedicine Courses


Office: Downtown Center - Room: 474

Raymond J. Pavlick Adjunct Faculty
Michael Pennington Residential Faculty - EMS Programs

Office: Downtown Center - Room: 477

Nicole Petit Adjunct Faculty
Julia Poirier Staff
Anissa Jade Rivera Staff
Renee Roggeman Adjunct Faculty
Clayton Mark Ryan Adjunct Faculty
Ann R. Saban Adjunct Faculty
Allison Marie Sanderson Instructor - Dental Clinical Lab Assoc
Elizabeth Santacruz Administrative Specialist Sr.


Roque Ortega Segura Adjunct Faculty
Marivelle Joy Sims Luna Instructor - Dental Clinical Lab Assoc
Christopher L. Spade Adjunct Faculty
Jamie L. Tate Faculty - OYO
Shaylee Elizabeth Tidwell General FWS
Charles Wickens Adjunct Faculty
Jamilyn Ann Winfield Instructor - Dental Clinical Lab Assoc
Bailey Joy Woodcock Residential Faculty - Dental Hygiene
Dental Programs

Office: RDM-S Saguaro - Room: S267

Melody Ann Wright Adjunct Faculty
Jennie L. Wyatt Residential Faculty - Allied Health-EMS Education


Office: Downtown Center - Room: 476

Tara Zimmer Adjunct Faculty
Kimberlee A. Zitek Residential Faculty - Dental Hygiene
Program Director:

480-654-7267 (alternate)

Office: RDM-S Saguaro - Room: S266