Pre-Paramedicine Courses

Pre-Paramedicine Courses

Who needs to complete the pre-paramedicine courses?

  • Any prospective paramedicine program applicants with less than two years of verifiable work history as an EMT (EMCT), are required to complete the pre-paramedicine foundational coursework prior to competing in the paramedicine program selection process.
  • Those students wishing to pursue the AAS in Paramedicine are required to complete these courses.

The pre-paramedicine courses include:

  1. PME 190: Introduction to ECG Rhythm Analysis and Interpretation for EMS Professionals
  2. PME 191: Introduction to Pharmacology for EMS Professionals

Pre-paramedicine courses are offered every Fall semester (beginning in August) and Spring semester (beginning in January). Pre-paramedicine courses are not offered during the Summer Sessions.

It is highly suggested that students take both PME190 & PME191 concurrently (together simultaneously).

How to Register for Pre-Paramedicine Courses

To register for PME190 and PME191, you must first be a Mesa Community College Student. To apply for admission at Mesa Community College, please visit the Maricopa Community Colleges Admissions Page.

  • Interested students can self-enroll in the PME190 and PME191 courses by following the steps listed below. There are no additional registration requirements.
  • It is highly suggested that students take both PME190 & PME191 concurrently (together simultaneously).

Steps to Register for the Pre-Paramedicine Courses

In order to begin enrollment into the Pre-Paramdicine courses, students must follow the steps below:

STEP #1: Create an MEID Account and Apply for admissions for Mesa Community College:

STEP #2: Review the "Pre-Paramedicine Class Schedules" PDF document hyperlinked below, check out class times and dates:

SPRING 2023 Pre-Paramedicine CLASS SCHEDULES.pdf

STEP #3: Register for your preferred courses through your Maricopa Student Center

Registration or Course Enrollment questions, please contact our office at (480) 461-6300 -or-

email us at

Be sure to provide your name, student ID and detailed question.