Pre-Paramedicine Courses

Pre-Paramedicine Courses

  1. PME 190: Introduction to ECG Rhythm Analysis and Interpretation for EMS Professionals
  2. PME 191: Introduction to Pharmacology for EMS Professionals

Who needs to complete the pre-paramedicine courses?

  • Prospective paramedicine program applicants are required to complete the pre-paramedicine foundational coursework if they do not have two years of verifiable EMT work experience, prior to applying to the paramedicine program selection process.
  • The only exception to this requirement is if the applicant is being sponsored by an agency I.E. ambulance company or fire department members.

Pre-paramedicine courses are offered every Spring and Fall semesters.

It is highly suggested that students take both PME190 & PME191 concurrently (together simultaneously).

How to Register for Pre-Paramedicine Courses

Department consent is required to register for PME190 and PME191. Please complete and submit the Pre-Paramedic Registration Form below. Must be logged into your Maricopa student email in order to access the form. MCC Summer registration opens March 4th, 2024. Until then, please fill out our Interest Form below to get the information needed.

Contact Us

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