When and how do I apply to ASU, NAU, or UA?
It is recommended that you apply to ASU, NAU, or UA one year in advance. Once accepted, visit your program of interest's website for additional admission requirements. View our Transferring website.
How do I send my Official Transcripts from other colleges or universities to MCC for evaluation?

You are required to contact your previous colleges (including other Maricopa Community Colleges) or universities to have your Official Transcripts sent directly to Mesa Community College’s Admissions & Records office for official evaluation if you are seeking a degree or certificate from Mesa Community College. The address is: 

Mesa Community College 
Attn: Admissions & Records 
1833 W. Southern Ave. 
Mesa, AZ 85202

Admissions & Records, not Advisement & Registration, will evaluate your Official Transcript and answer all questions regarding your transcripts. Contact Admissions & Records at admissions@mesacc.edu.

Note: Admissions & Records will not accept hand carried Official Transcripts in sealed envelope.

How do I send my transcripts to another university?
Go to the Request Transcripts page.
W​hat is Advisement and how can you help me?

Advisors assist students with selecting a program of study, enrolling in the proper coursework, find appropriate campus resources to ensure academic success, and help achieve educational goals. All "new-to-college" students are encouraged to meet with an advisor and complete Placement Tests to help ensure proper enrollment in classes. Students must meet with an advisor when nearing graduation or transferring to another college or university.

We offer assistance with . . .

  • University applications and admissions information
  • Catalogs and schedules
  • View books
  • Scholarships and financial aid information
  • College guidebooks
  • Student Affairs information
  • Program information
Where are you located?
Building 39 at the Southern & Dobson campus, and RDM M at the Red Mountain campus.
How do I sign up to see a representative from a university?
You can call us at at (480) 461-7452 to find out when they are on campus. Feel free to stop by the Advisement & Registration at either of our two locations.
What is the Course Applicability System (AZCAS)?
AZCAS is a statewide, online, interactive advising tool. It provides information on courses, course equivalencies, and program requirements at Arizona institutions of higher education. For students who become CAS members, CAS provides information on how specific course work will transfer and apply towards a degree at a CAS institution. See the instructions for using AZCAS.
How do I use AZCAS?
  1. Go to: http://aztransfer.com
  2. On the top of the page click on "Transfer Options"
  3. Click "Associates Degrees" and "Associate's Degree Pathways" 
  4. Select the college where you plan to attend.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click on the  "Degree Search" box to search.
Where can I get a check sheet for my major?
Your check sheet is determined by your major, catalog year, and transfer school. It is best to see an Advisor from the university where you'd like to attend to ensure you have the correct check sheet.
Check sheets can be downloaded from the check sheet page as well. For additional information and rules governing the degrees see Transfer Options.
This web site is a tool to assist students in selecting the appropriate degree pathway. Students are strongly encouraged to seek academic advisement.
Can an MCC Transfer Advisor tell me what classes will transfer to an out-of-state school?
MCC Transfer Advisors can advise to Arizona public universities, BYU, and schools who have established articulation agreements with MCCCD. See that list of schools here. If the school you would like to attend does not have an articulation agreement with MCCCD, you will need to contact that school's admissions/advising office directly.
How will my MCC credits transfer to a university and/or be applicable to my major?
To see how MCC courses (or courses from any other Arizona public community college) will transfer to an Arizona public university, use the Course Applicability System. AZCAS contains the Course Equivalency Guide (CEG), Transfer Guides, and Planning Guides.
I am transferring to a university, but would like to apply for graduation from MCC. Where can I apply?
To apply for your Associate's degree from MCC, simply fill out your graduation application, mark the degree that you expect to receive, and drop it off at the Transfer Services office. We will contact you when the review of your application is completed. Visit the Steps to Graduation.
What is my catalog year?
Students maintaining continuous enrollment at any public Arizona community college or university may graduate according to the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment or according to the requirements of any single catalog in effect during subsequent terms of continuous enrollment. Students may maintain continuous enrollment whether attending a single public community college or university in Arizona or transferring among public institutions in Arizona while pursuing their degree.