The Thor Pledge

Thunderbird LogoIf selected, you must sign a contract and adhere to the guidelines. Failure to perform in required manner will result in removal from being Thor the Thunderbird Mascot. As Thor the MCC mascot, you are required to represent Mesa Community College in a respectful manner, one that promotes MCC and Thunderbird Athletics in a positive manner consistent with the policies, mission, vision and values of the college. You must follow the rules set forth for all appearances in which Thor participates.

Thor the Thunderbird Mascot Requirements


  1. Enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours at MCC
  2. Maintains 2.0 grade point average


  1. Thor participates in a variety of appearances on and off campus to promote the Thunderbird spirit and MCC’s partnerships and interactions with our local community. Events may take place during the week or on weekends and during the day or evenings.
  2. As Thor, you will participate in events scheduled by the Office of Institutional Advancement. You will be notified in advance to confirm your availability.
    1. You are required to immediately get in touch with your IA contact , if you are going to be late for an appearance.
    2. No-shows without a serious and sudden reason will not be tolerated. If you have committed to participating in an event and have an unavoidable conflict, you must make every effort to find a suitable replacement from among IA-approved MCC mascot personnel.
    3. For all off-campus commitments, you and the mascot costume will be accompanied and transported by an MCC employee.

Uniform Criteria

  1. You are required to remain in your Thor uniform throughout all appearances and never reveal your identity. Breaks are provided for you every 30 minutes in a private resting area.
  2. Damages to the Thor costume occurring due to carelessness or by activities not approved for use of the uniform may be charged to you.

Unauthorized Appearances

  1. Requests for Thor appearances must be approved by an Institutional Advancement staff member only. No unauthorized Thor appearances may take place. No exceptions.


  1. As Thor, you are required to act in a professional manner when representing MCC, whether at the college or at an off-campus appearance.
  2. At no time may you be under the influence of illicit drugs or using tobacco or alcohol while representing MCC, even if you are of legal age for alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.