The Mesa Community College Employee Intranet serves as a communications center for MCC employees. This Employee Intranet:

  • Centralizes news and information about the college.
  • Incorporates links to resource websites (college initiatives, MCC forms and procedures/guidelines, The Maricopan).
  • Provides quick links to frequently used business tools (HCM, SIS, etc.).

You can access the Intranet by bookmarking or by clicking the "Intranet" link at the bottom of the MCC home page. A college-wide email is sent to employees each business day that summarizes new items posted to the intranet.

The types of stories that IA may research, write and post to the intranet include:

  • Stories developed by our media/communications team for press releases and external media (although we may ask the featured department to post the information on the intranet).
  • Stories that highlight collaborative efforts between departments and/or employee groups.
  • College-wide celebrations, awards, and recognitions (e.g. Employee Brunch photos, Aspen Award).
  • Employee recognitions for publications, awards, retirement, years of service, faculty emeritus distinction (unless the employee is recognized by his or her supervisor).
  • Media coverage summaries.

To access the site, you must log in using your MEID and password. If you experience difficulties, please contact Andrew Green at or 480-461-7281.

How to receive Intranet updates with the full text of the article and without logging-in

  • Two email distribution lists have been created for employees who prefer to read full-text versions of the intranet posts and/or prefer not to log-in. To access the lists, log-in to Google Apps for Maricopa Employees (, click Google Groups in the top navigation bar, and type the list below that you would like to opt-in to.
    • DL-MC-Intranet – Full text of all new Intranet posts instead of a summary of titles.
    • DL-MC-Events – Focuses exclusively on events posted to the Intranet and is delivered in full text format.
  • You will receive an email each time a post is made to the intranet.
  • You will still need to log-in to the intranet to open any files that are attached to the post, but you can Stay logged-in for 60 days.
  • NOTE: Employees who join these groups will still receive the intranet summary that is emailed college-wide once a day – there is no way to be removed from the college-wide email list.

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