Student Success Strategy Instruction

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Online Learning Success

Strategies, habits, and attitudes to drive success in the virtual learning space

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Time Management

Develop self management skills to support school/life balance

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Test Taking Strategies

Learn effective techniques to do your best on the test

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Motivate & Engage Keys to stay focused and proactive with online learning

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Managing Stress & Anxiety

Feeling the crunch? Recognize the cues and develop coping skills that work

Tues, Feb 23 12-1pm

Wed, Feb 24 10-11am


Flip Your Math Mindset

Explore techniques to reduce anxiety and optimize performance

Tues, Mar 2 12-1pm

Surviving College

How to stay resilient and understand your needs

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Learn how to be a successful online student, how to manage stress, and how to feel like you deserve to be a college student!

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Bianca Altamirano Kelly, MSW


Pandi Bromley