Health & Wellness

Your education is important, don't let your health interfere. Information on VA Benefits, the Affordable Health Care Act, and more

VA Health Benefits

As a Veteran you are entitled to numerous benefits. Learn more about what benefits are available to you- General Health Benefits Information

To apply for health benefits start by filling out this online form.

Need in-person help? Visit our office for step-by-step instructions

Find Help with VA Claims

Not sure how to fill out the claims paperwork? Confused which claims you can apply for? Get help from a National Service Officer who is trained in all aspects of veterans' benefits. Visit our office to find the nearest National Service Officer.

Mental Health

Your education is of paramount importance, and your mental health can affect your ability to learn or focus. Have PTSD or TBI, trouble focusing, difficulty remembering? Take the next step in your education, let us help.

Experiencing difficulty focusing in class or remembering the lesson? Dr.Karen Pittenger's Veteran Cognition and Academic Success Project may help; click the link to learn more.

Suffering from PTSD or TBI? Check out these TBI/PTSD Resources.

Need someone to talk to? The Veteran Crisis Line offers a toll free hotline, online chat, and texting. Click here to get connected.

Call the Veterans Crisis Line1-800-273-8255

Physical Fitness/Health

Injured during your service? Get the compensation and support you deserve.

    The YMCA offers military outreach and respite child care for eligible military families. Click here to see if the YMCA can help support you and/or your family.

    Love sports? Looking to compete? Join the VA Adaptive Sports Program. Learn more here.

    Disability Resources

    Whether it be mental, physical, or academic- we can help. Click the links below to learn more about your rights as a veteran.

    Looking for a resource you can visit on campus? Visit Disability Resources and Services.

    International Disability Symbols

    Health Care

    Need health care? Learn about the Affordable Health Care Act, how it affects you, and what your choices for health care are.

    The Affordable Care Act - ACA