Frequently Asked Questions

I have never used VA Education Benefits. How do I apply?

To learn what benefit you are eligible for and submit an application, go to

How long will it take for me to receive payment?

Average processing time is 30 days, but during peak times, processing can take up to 6 weeks for an original claim. Payments are affected by a number of factors, including training time, course begin/end dates, course withdrawal, debts owed to VA and others. Only VA can project your payment date with accuracy. Call (888)442-4551 if you have not been paid within 30 days of your enrollment certification.

Is there a way to get my books without waiting for VA payment?

Yes. To purchase your course books before receiving your VA payment, you can request a book advance on your Request for Benefits Form. The Veterans Services Office will send you a promissory note to complete. For complete instructions and information, please contact the Veteran Services Office.

NOTE: If you are receiving federal Financial Aid for the term you can not receive another book advance through the Veteran Services Office. One book advance will be awarded per term.

Do I need to complete a request for benefits form every semester?

Yes, you must complete a Request for Benefits form every semester. This is a requirement for all students using VA Education Benefits. If you make changes after submitting a request for benefits you should complete a change of hours form.

What else do I need to do prior to receiving benefits?

After you have submitted the required documentation to the Veterans Services office, you may have additional requirements. This depends on which benefit are you using. Please open and read all mail/email you receive from the VA and Mesa Community College. Students receiving benefits under Chapter 30 , 33, 1606 and 35 (CCL only) must verify their enrollment on the last day of every month and the last day of each course. You can do this using WAVE.

CH33 also have the option of receiving text or email reminders from the VA. The text reminders require only a text response. To sign up for this benefit, contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

How do I change my program of study?

To change your program of study (your degree plan), you should make an appointment with our veteran advisors. Our advisors may need to review your transcripts again to determine applicable credit for your new program. You must also indicate this change on your VA Request for Benefits form for the applicable term.

For which courses will the VA pay?

The Department of Veteran Affairs will only pay for courses that are required on your program of study. This is the program you indicate on your VA Request for Benefits Form.

NOTE: The VA does not cover remedial/deficiency courses that have an online delivery method.

Can I use my VA Education Benefits for prior terms?

Yes, you can use your VA Education Benefits for prior terms if you meet a few conditions. The VA will "back pay" a student for up to one year preceding the current date.

Note: The VA will back pay only when courses apply to the current degree, were completed with a satisfactory grade and you were eligible to receive benefits when the courses were taken

If I qualify for more than one VA Educational Benefit program, how do I know which one is best for me?

The GI Bill Comparison Tool can help you determine for which benefits you might be eligible. It will also estimate your potential payments from VA under each benefit type while attending Mesa Community College. This allows you to choose the one that works best with your needs. You can only receive VA Education Benefits under one chapter at a time. You can also contact VA at 1-888-442-4551.

Can I receive benefits if I'm attending more than one institution?

Yes, you can receive benefits at more than one institution. One of the two institutions must be the "parent school" (institution where the degree will be awarded). That school must issue a parent school letter authorizing enrollment at the secondary institution. You must initiate the process by completing the parent school letter form. All courses must apply towards completion of the selected degree program at the parent school.

What does the VA consider to be full-time attendance?

Full-time status is determined by the length of your courses and total amount of credits in which you are enrolled. For questions, please contact our Veterans Services Office.

Why do I have a tuition balance? Mesa's Veteran Services certified my CH33 Post 911 GI Bill enrollment.

If you are receiving CH33 benefits and your percentage of eligibility is less than 100%, you are responsible for whatever portion is not covered by the VA (i.e. your percentage is 70%, VA pays 70% and you are responsible for the remaining 30%). To learn your eligibility percentage, refer to your eBenefits homepage, or you Certificate of Eligibility.

The VA only pays for the in-state tuition rate at all public institutions. If you are receiving CH33 benefits, and not eligible for the in-state tuition rate, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance for your courses.

You may also owe the school funds due to a withdrawal or ceasing attendance. This is due to recent changes in VA debt policies. To find out contact our Veteran Services Office.

Where can I learn how many months of entitlement I have remaining?

Please contact the VA Regional Office at 1-888-442-4551 or view your benefit status on the eBenefits website .

How can I forward my school email to my personal email account?

To forward your school email, log into your student email. Click on the settings icon and click on the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, click on the button "Add a forwarding address" and enter your personal email. Hit "Next" and "Proceed" to save the change.

Is there a way I can check how many months of entitlement I have remaining for my Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits (Chapter 33)

Department of Veteran Affairs provide the following resource on their website to check remaining benefits: