Need help with classes, technology support, or book lending?  See how we can help.

Connecting with your Academic Advisor

  • Academic Advising begins once a student has decided on a degree plan and/or major. If unsure of degree plan and/or major, the VSO can connect military students with Career Services which will help in degree exploration and determining what students' ultimate goals are.
  • The VSO works in conjunction with MCC Academic Advisement in order to advise military students on their academic plan. We recommend you visit our VSO for initial advisement. If your academic plan requires additional consultation with a specialized Field of Interest (FOI) advisor, our advisors will refer you to them for further information.
  • An Individual Education Completion Plan (IECP) is required for all new and returning students by the VA in order to utilize your education benefits. The IECP is a form completed by the student and their academic advisor that illustrates the courses you will take within your degree plan.

Books & Supplies

Each semester military students may go into their online student center or visit the VSO to find out what books are required for classes. The VSO allows military students to print book lists for classes enrolled. Book lists contain book ISBN numbers which are used to easily find books in the MCC Bookstore or other academic textbook resources.  It is strongly encouraged that military students search for the best price option available before your final purchase as some companies offer military discounts for military students. ​

  • VSO Book Lending Program

    The Veterans Service Office has a small library of free academic textbooks available. These textbooks have been donated by fellow students who wish to share their textbooks with military students. The process for acquiring these books is simple. Ask the front desk of the VSO for access to the VSO library, select the books you need and sign them out. It is recommended to come at least two weeks before the semester starts to select a book.

    If you are interested in donating books please come into VSO and speak with a staff member. When turning books in at the end of the semester please consider donating them to your fellow veterans. Your book donations can help relieve the financial burden for current and future veteran students.  

  • Post 9/11 Book Stipend

    Military students who are eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill ® Benefits qualify for the annual VA Book Stipend.

  • Book Advance Loan

    Note: The Book Advance Loan and Post 9/11 Book Stipend are different types of aid. The Book Advance Loan is a loan that must be paid back in-full.


Tutoring is an easily accessible option for students whom may seek additional academic assistance while attending school. There are many options as it pertains to tutoring. MCC offers free tutoring services through the tutoring center and many academic departments offer free tutoring for their respective programs. Information on free tutoring for military students can also be found in-person in the VSO office.

In addition, some VA Education Benefits are eligible for personal tutoring. If you VA Education Benefits qualify the VA will cover tutoring fees up to $100.00 per month in reimbursement. To determine if your VA Education Benefit is eligible for the VA Tutoring Program visit the VSO or click here.

Tech Help

The Veteran Service's Office has computers available for classwork for military students along with a printer and a quiet study space.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at