Continuing Military Students

For those students who are continuing their education from another semester. Every semester, continuing students need to follow the following steps.

  1. Meet with Academic Advising.
    Supply unofficial transcripts from all prior institutions.
  2. Individual Education Completion Plan (IECP).
    Your advisor will complete an Individual Education Course Plan - IECP.
  3. Enroll in courses and fill out the Veterans Request for Benefits Form

    This form is required for each semester.It ensures the following:
    • We have all the information needed to certify your enrollment to the VA.
    • Prompt us to send a promissory note (promise to pay) document and place a hold on your account so you are not dropped for non-payment while we're waiting for the VA to pay you and/or the institution.
    • Confirms to us that you understand your responsibilities in maintaining your GI Bill.
  4. Request Deferments

    This prevents classes from being dropped before your benefits are received from the VA.
    In addition, students will sign their Promissory Note.
  5. Request all official Transcripts (High School, GED, and/or any accredited colleges) be sent to:

    Mesa Community College
    Attention Records Office
    1833 W. Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ 85202.

Apply for Benefits in Conjunction with VA Education Benefits:

Documents Needed to Begin Classes:

  • DD-214 (Military Discharge Document - Copy Member 4). This can be used in the meantime showing proof of military service and educational eligibility.
  • DD-2384 (NOBE - Notice of Basic Eligibility) (for Chapter Ch 1606 only)
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE) provided by the VA via mail once the application for benefits has been completed. (Usually received between 4-6 weeks after application is submitted.)