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Southern & Dobson

Building: KSC 35S 102
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Women Rising at Mesa Community College a young woman smiling with a desert background
Empowerment • Sisterhood • Leadership

Women Rising is an organization that empowers students. It is a sisterhood where students unite to form long-lasting relationships supporting one another as they pursue their higher education goals.

Women Rising is founded on three pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Sisterhood
  • Empowerment

There are Women Rising chapters in all ten Maricopa Community Colleges. Our motto is “the power of one, the strength of many rising”. This sentiment is felt across all campuses allowing for an expanded network and a sense of a larger community. In addition, all Women Rising chapters join together for district-wide events such as the Women Rising Induction, the Women Rising Conference, and the Women Rising Retreat.

By being a part of Women Rising at Mesa Community College, you are joining a diverse community. Throughout the year our Women Rising students participate in activities that promote academic success, leadership, networking, health, and wellness as well as professionalism. This group/club is not restricted to participants on any protected basis, including sex or gender. All individuals are encouraged to participate.