Start a Club

Don't see a club you like? Start a new one.

Check out the directory of MCC’s active clubs - if you do not see a club that interests you, you might consider starting your own.

*We recommend you meet with Student Life & Leadership before starting the new club process; we might have a club you're looking for that just needs to be "re-activated".

What do clubs do?

What you do as a club is (almost) entirely up to your members. You may choose to focus your club on social interaction, educational interaction, and/or your club may be focused on fundraising, religious discussion, or service.

Clubs have the opportunity to network with other students, faculty, and staff and to learn from and help each other through your years here at MCC. ASMCC sponsors several activities throughout the year in which clubs are invited to participate.

The club may also create its own activities, service projects, fundraisers, seminars, social, etc., as long as the proper procedures have been followed and paperwork has been completed and approved.

Your new club is a great way to not only build upon leadership skills and engage in campus activities, but also to have fun and make lasting relationships and friends. Students who join clubs find a community of individuals with similar interests and hobbies, and together club members work to advertise their club name and purpose to solicit others in the community!

A club gives you the opportunity to participate in the activities outside of the classroom that make you who you are, and help make your MCC experience that much more unique and worthwhile!

Special Interest Groups

For students interested in creating a student organization which does not, like a club, require funding, club officers, a constitution, etc., forming a Special Interest Group might be the better option. Special Interest Groups are idea for students interested in supporting a specific political cause, practicing and performing music or performance art with fellow students, or organizing certain types of events for the campus community. Contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership to find out more about starting a Special Interest Group Today!