Join a Club

Clubs are an important and vital component of your complete educational experience. You may participate in programs that enhance your occupational training or social activities and reflect special interests including cultural events, community service projects, and forums dealing with today's issues.

You may join a club or contact a Club Sponsor at the contact information listed below.

Southern & Dobson Clubs

American Indian Science and Engineering Society 
Meetings: Mondays at 2:30pm in MC 108
Advisor: Yvonne Dinehdeal, 480-461-7254
Advisor: Niccole Cerveny, 480-654-7728
Anthropology Club 
Meetings: TBA-SC building
Advisor: Keith Costion
Phone: 480-461-7058
Asian-Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC)
Meetings: Wednesdays at 3:00pm
Advisor: Kerichi Marnyama, 480-461-7958
Advisor: Zhaowen Ruan, 480-461-7201
ASMCC - Associated Students Mesa Community College

ASMCC Conference Room in Kirk Center, every Thursday at 4:30pm


Lorena Austin

Executive VP and Senate Chair
Jacqueline White

VP of Communications
Jasmine Rundall

VP of Fiscal Affairs
Erik Aguilar

VP of  Red Mountain
Ariana Granger

Black Student Union (BSU)
Meetings: TBA
Advisor: Luis Ellis
Phone: 480-461-7397
Christian Challenge
Meetings: Tuesdays at 4:00pm  at the T-bird Cafe
Advisor: Ryan Brown
Phone: N/A
Creative Industries Group

Advisors: Evonne Bowling and Alexandra Perdue

Phone: 480-461-7140 or 480-461-7869

The Creative Industries Group is open to all MCC students who are interested in creative self-expression and professional career development in the contemporary commercial arts, including: music, fashion, art, design and manufacturing.

The purpose of this student group/club is to help develop the professional, business and creative skills of student members through integration of hands-on learning, guest lectures and industry tours. The Creative Industries Group invites students to explore current industry trends, relevant technologies, and career opportunities for aspiring creative professionals, in Arizona, the US and Abroad.

Learn more about the group and get information on how to join, here:
  |   Music Department   |   Fashion Merchandising & Design  |  

We welcome you to our next showcase, trip, or show, and look forward to meeting you.
Cyber Security Club
Meetings: TBA
Advisor: Dennis Kibbe
Phone: 480-461-7246
Engineering Club
Meetings:  Thursdays from 4-5pm inPS231
Advisor: Bruce Carlton
Phone: 480-461-7721
Entrepreneurs Club
Meetings: Tuesdays at 3:00pm in BP 4
Advisor: Kristine Ouzts
Exercise Science
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Monday at 2:15pm in HW 848
Advisor: Jennifer Fay, 480-461-7138
Advisor: Sharon McLaughlin, 480-461-7138
Events Council
Meetings: Mondays at 2:30pm in KSC 174 (EPC room)
Advisor: Beth Ann Wright
Phone: 480-461-7277
Fashion Focus
Meetings: TBA
Advisor: Kim Broxham, 480-461-7277
Gaming Club
Meetings: Every Wednesday at 11am in the Student Lounge
Advisor: Mark Gooding, 480-461-7624
Advisor: Kevin Healy, 480-461-7027
Meetings: Every other Friday at 1:30pm in PS113
Advisor: Todd Luther
Phone: 480-461-7505
International Friendship Club
Meetings: TBA
Advisor: Deb Lavergne
Phone: 480-461-7754

The purpose of the International Friendship Club at MCC is to promote friendships cross culturally by giving an opportunity for American students to meet and befriend international students. The club gives different opportunities to have fun, food, fellowship to result in a great experience while in the US and at MCC.

Our desire is to help internationals to adjust to the US in areas of answering questions like where to bank, get cell phones, find answers to your questions, and pick up when you first arrive to the US if you have no family or friends here. The club desires to promote learning and respecting different cultures and faiths. That members, officers and advisors assist students in discovering their full potential as leaders and contributing members of the college community, and society.

Please contact us through both our Facebook: InternationalFriendshipClubMCC or at our website:"

ISO - Inter-Tribal Student Organization 
Meetings: Wednesdays at 1:30pm in BP 3S
Advisor: Yvonne Dinehdeal
Phone: 480-461-7254

We are an American Indian Organization who's main goal is to provide a friendly environment for American Indian students at Mesa Community College. We do volunteer work that help the American Indian community

Japanese Club
Meetings: 11am-1:00pm
Advisor: Debbie Henney
Phone: 480-461-7067
LDSSA (Latter-Day Saints)
Meetings: Every Friday at 10am at the Mesa Institute of Religion (1310 S. Dobson Rd.)
Advisor: Duane Oakes
Phone: 480-461-7214
LGBTQ Alliance
Meetings: Every Thursday from 3-4pm in SC18N
Advisor: Beth Ann Wright
Phone: 480-461-7277
Makers Club
Meetings: Every Thursday at 4pm
Advisor: Paul Hickey
Phone: 480-461-7316
Meetings: Every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30pm in AS 194
Advisor: Adam Avilez
Phone: 480-461-7787
Meetings: Every Friday at 3pm in SC-12N
Advisor: Ivette Cerda, 480-461-7205
Advisor: Lilian Chavez, 480-461-7071
Meetings: Second Sunday and 4th Saturday of every month
AdvisorDr. Karen Hardin
Phone: 480-461-7588
Phi Theta Kappa
Meetings: Every Thursday from 1:30-3pm in BP-4
Advisor: Duane Oakes, 480-461-7214
Advisor: Dawn Rhodes, 480-461-7763
Meetings: First and third Thursday of every month in BP-3N
AdvisorDave Yount
Phone: 480-461-7833
Pre-Medical Forum
Meetings: Every Friday from 12:30-2:30pm in LS-201
Advisor: Lewis Obermiller
Phone: 480-461-7119
Psi Beta
Meetings: Every Wednesday from 12-1pm in BP8
Advisor: Ann Ewing
Phone: 480-461-7028
Stagedoor Players
Meetings: Every Wednesday at 12pm 
Advisor: Chris Tubilewicz
Phone: 480-461-7496
Student Nurses Association
Meetings: Second Friday of every month from 9:30-11am in HW-846 
Advisor: Charles Foster
Phone: 480-461-7671
Student Veterans of America
Meetings: Every Second and Fourth Friday at 12pm in Veteran's Resource Center (KSC-35N)
Advisor: Courtney Smith, 480-461-7241
Advisor: Ryan McConnaughy, 480-461-7425
Urban Farmers
Meetings: Every Thursday at 12pm in TC-212
Advisor: Peter Conden
Phone: 480-461-7125
Vet Tech Club
Meetings: Every Thursday at 12pm in TC-212
Advisor: Kimberly Focht
Phone: 480-461-7661

Red Mountain Clubs

Adventure Association
Meetings: Planning meetings happen at the beginning of each semester.
Contact Advisor to be added to the Google Group for this club. 
Advisor: Griffin Logue
Phone: 480-654-7504
AGB Agribusiness Club
Meetings: Contact Advisor for info
Advisor: Ray Gless
Phone: N/A
ASMCC Student Government
Meetings: Student Senate, Tuesdays at 3:00 pm in M214
Advisor: Erica Horihan
Phone: 480-654-7759
ASMCC Events Council
Meetings: Wednesdays at 2 pm in M214
Advisor: Erica Horihan
Phone: 480-654-7759
Digital Gamers Club
Meetings: Student Lounge, M210, Time/days TBD
Advisor: Derek Borman
Phone: 480-461-7181
Kajukenbo Martial Arts
Meetings: See RM Class schedule
Advisor: Ron Thayer
Latter-day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)
Meetings: TBD
Advisor: Jen Wood
Phone: 480-654-7247
LGBTQ Allies
Meetings: Thursdays at 2:30 pm in M214
Advisor: Liz Czikar, 480-654-7503
Advisor: Emily Dimson 480-654-7727
Multicultural Club
Meetings: Wednesdays, 11:00 am in M214
Advisor: Niccole Cerveny
Phone: 480-654-7728
Phi Theta Kappa (International Honor Society)
Meetings: Every Monday, 2pm in M200
Advisor:  Niccole Cerveny
Phone: 480-654-7728
Psi Beta  (Psychology Honor Society)
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 11 am in M213
Advisor: Gayla Preisser, 480-654-7666
Advisor: Ed Lipinski;480-461-7308
Red's Athletic Club 
Meetings: Weekly trail runs around MCC RM campus, Wednesday at 1 pm, Thursdays at 10 am. Meet in the Student Life Center. Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee schedule TBD.
Advisor: Ashley Bouknight (Running) 480-654-7759
Advisor: Charles Miller (Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee)
Sigma Chi Eta (Communication Honor Society)
Meetings: TBD
AdvisorPuvana Ganesan
Phone: 480-654-7792
Tabletop Gamers
Meetings: Fridays at 12 pm in M214
Advisor: Keith Anderson
Phone: 480-654-7300