Enrollment Steps

Use our Enrollment Steps guide to keep track of your progress (English version | Spanish version). By filling out this guide, you will remember where you left off in the enrollment steps.

1. Get Admitted

Student standing next to enrollment services counterTo get admitted, please do the following:

  1. Explore degree & certificate options at MCC.
    1. Unsure about your major? Check out Career Coach.
  2. Complete the admissions application.
    1. If you have applied in the past or taken classes, please use the Returning Student Application.
    2. Provide proof of identification during the online application process. If you are unable to provide your ID via the admissions application, you can also submit it here once you have submitted your application.
  3. Set up Duo two-factor authentication
    1. Once you are admitted, you will need to set up Duo two-factor authentication to access Maricopa student systems.
    2. Two-factor authentication is a required security measure to protect your account, and needs to be established by you (the student) using your MEID@maricopa.edu email address and phone number.
    3. Go to www.maricopa.edu/duo to learn how to get started and for more information on Duo security requirements. Information for students without a smartphone is also available there.
  4. If applicable, submit your official transcripts for any previous college coursework. Be sure to submit a transcript evaluation request so we can process the transcript once we receive it.
  5. Determine how you plan to pay for college. Explore paying for college and understand your deadlines. If you will be paying for college using Federal Financial Aid, start the process.

Please note: If you started your application more than 48 hours ago and did not complete it, you will need to start a new application and will be given a new Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID). Applications that are started but not completed will be purged within 48 hours after it was created.

Don’t forget to write down your MEID, Student ID number, and Maricopa email address (which is activated after you are admitted).

2. Complete Enrollment Tasks

Staff member talking to student

This step is for new students. Transfer students should continue to Step 3.

  1. Log in to your Student Center to work on additional important steps before you can register. You will receive a Duo push notification to access your Student Center.
    1. Determine Placement. MCC offers multiple ways to identify the proper courses for your success.
      1. General Placement Information
      2. EdReady
        If you don't have the needed high school GPA, GED, ACT/SAT, or ACCUPLACER scores for placement, you can use EdReady to take free assessments that are used for placement in English, reading, and math courses.
      3. Placement Coach
        The Placement Coach uses high school GPA, ACT, SAT, GED, ACCUPLACER, and EdReady scores to provide you with course recommendations.
  2. Participate in Orientation to learn about how to be a successful student at MCC and to get help setting up your first semester schedule.
  3. Connect with your Academic Advisor to set up your personalized education plan and confirm your schedule.

3. Register for Classes

Student wearing backpack

  1. If you don’t know the classes you need to take, try:
    1. Check the MCC Registration Guides and Videos
    2. Participate in Orientation
    3. Connect with your academic advisor
    4. Then, follow the steps to register for classes.
  2. If you know the classes you need to take, go ahead and get started:
    1. Utilize your specific program Pathway Map to find the correct course for your program. Check out these helpful resources if you need help deciding which classes to take.
    2. Use the MCC Class Schedule to search for your classes and select “Show Only Open Classes”
    3. Keep track of your classes’ section numbers for adding classes.
    4. In your Student Center, click on the Manage Classes tile. Watch for your Duo push notification to log in.
    5. Use Class Search and Enroll to get registered.
Register for Classes

4. Pay Tuition & Fees

Student sitting outside

  1. After you have registered for classes, you need to make payment arrangements.
  2. Check the due date of your tuition and fees.
  3. Explore ways to make payment arrangements.
    1. Apply for Federal Financial Aid
    2. Sign up for a Tuition Payment Plan
    3. Make a Payment
See All Payment Plan Options

The tuition rate is determined by the submission of your ID and other supporting documents. For more information, go to Residency Information.

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