Enrollment Steps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To assist you with completing our enrollment steps, below are some frequently asked questions. The list below is a work-in-progress, so please check back for updates.

How do I submit my ID?

Maricopa Community Colleges require students to submit a valid form of identification for authentication. This allows us to confirm a student's identity and prevent identity theft. You can submit your ID online or in-person. Access the Identity Authentication and Declaration of Citizenship or Status form here.

How much does it cost to come to MCC?

MCC provides an affordable option for anyone looking to pursue higher education. At $97 per credit, MCC tuition is significantly lower than most in and out of state colleges and universities. Check out a breakdown of MCC tuition and fees.

Which application should I complete?

To make sure you complete the correct application, review the following questions.

Are you currently attending high school? If yes, complete the Dual Enrollment application. If not, have you attended MCC previously? If yes, log back in as a returning student. Are you planning to take classes for credit toward a degree or to transfer to a university? If yes, complete the new student application. If you are planning to take non-credit classes for community or continuing education, complete the non-credit application.

What should I do if I forgot my Password or I forgot my student ID?

It's easy to reset your password and find your ID number. Check out these helpful tips to get started.

How do I submit my transcripts to MCC?

You can send previous college transcripts to MCC for evaluation. Be sure to do this early to be sure the evaluation is complete before the start of the semester.