Tips for Deaf Students

Tips for Deaf Students Working with Interpreters

  1. Communicate with your interpreter of your language preference. They are willing to modify to your needs (ASL, PSE, English, etc.)
  2. Providing your interpreter with materials you will use in your presentation, class discussion, or lectures will allow your interpreter to effectively convey information to your instructors and peers.
  3. It is recommended to give feedback to your interpreters throughout the semester. Doing so allows the service to be modified to your needs.
  4. If you have preferred sign you would like to use, please share with your interpreter. This helps the interpreter better serve you as a consumer of interpreting services.
  5. If you do not understand the information, ask the speaker for clarification.

Tips for Deaf Students Working with a Captionist

  1. Be sure to provide a copy of your syllabus and any list of vocabulary for your classes to the Interpreter Coordinator.
  2. Captionists are not required to begin captioning until you arrive at the class or event. Therefore, any notes you may receive from the captionist will not cover the time you missed.
  3. Provide the captionist your email address to receive a copy of the class transcript. Be sure to give them the Interpreter Coordinator’s if they do not have it already.